Are The Stars Rich? What We Know About Their Income

The Family Chantel, now in its second season, has grown in popularity. But how much do the show’s stars make, and are they rich or not?

TLC’s The Family Chantel continues to pull viewers in with the show’s nonstop drama. The series’ star Chantel Everett and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, have gained notoriety through their appearances on TLC. Now, fans are wondering if the newlyweds are rich or not.

Chantel and Pedro first appeared on season four of 90 Day Fiancé. After earning their own reality spin-off show, the drama between their families continued to grow. Pedro, a native from the Dominican Republic, relocated to the States to marry Chantel on a 90-day visa. The two shocked their families with news of their rushed wedding. After getting married, Pedro began petitioning for his mom and sister to join him in the US. The move led to a great deal of suspicion from Chantel’s mother, Karen, who believes Pedro used her daughter to gain American citizenship. The tension between their families has led to a showdown between Chantel and Pedro’s moms, in addition to a dining room brawl with Pedro and Chantel’s younger brother, River. Not to mention, Pedro’s sister Nicole hates her brother’s relationship with Chantel.

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While her exact net worth remains a mystery, Heavy did some digging to get a deeper look at Chantel’s possible earnings. Through the success of her spin-off show, Chantel has become a bit of a social media influencer and model. Her Instagram page boasts a number of posts endorsing many lifestyle-based products, including detox teas, electric toothbrushes, flooring companies, hand sanitizers, work scrubs and a Derma Roller, amongst many other products. Some of the brands the TLC star has worked with include Bliss Rejuvenation, Teami and Burst Oral Care. In addition to her promo posts, Chantel also has a number of photos promoting swimwear and apparel companies.


Aside from the ad endorsement deals Chantel has brought in, she makes a decent amount from her appearances on TLC. According to Cheat Sheet, stars of 90 Day Fiancé receive $15,000 for the season and about $2,500 to appear on the tell-all. Considering Chantel’s appearance in season four, plus two seasons of her own spin-off, a little guestimating could put her potential earnings in the $50,000 range from TV appearances alone. Adding in what she possibly could earn from a few Instagram promotions, it’s possible that the reality star is raking in a couple hundred thousand by the end of the year.

Chantel and Pedro have argued about him sending money to his mom and sister in the Dominican Republic. If he and his wife are earning a few thousand a season, Pedro possibly has more than enough to take care of his wife and family back home.

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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

Source: HeavyCheat Sheet

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