Aquaman: A New and Better Atlantis is Born

Aquaman’s kingdom of Atlantis has seen its fair share of troubles lately, but a new day is dawning, and it promises to be better than ever!

Spoilers for Aquaman #65 ahead!

A new Atlantis rises in the latest issue of Aquaman, based on inclusion and compassion. In Aquaman #65, by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel), artist Miguel Mendonca (Nightwing) and colorist Romulo Fajardo, Jr (Savage Avengers), Aquaman finally vanquishes Orm once and for all, and works with Mera to build a new and better Atlantis for all!

Atlantis has seen its share of troubles lately. Orm, the Ocean Master, has returned to stake his claim on the kingdom, and in the previous issue, challenges Aquaman to a fight to the death. Meanwhile, various factions, including the Xebels and the Trench, are fighting among themselves, with Orm stirring up trouble between them. Finally, Mera has given birth to a baby girl and has faked an engagement with Vulko in order to maintain her control of the throne and to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. But Mera had an endgame and with the Seven Kingdoms now assembled, it is revealed in this issue.

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After Aquaman dispatches Orm with the help of many of Earth’s heroes, Mera calls for a truce between the various warring factions and for all to begin work towards a “new Atlantis.” This new Atlantis will be fair and just, with a government that will work to serve its people and take care of the poor and downtrodden. Readers then see shots of the various factions, at each other’s throats just days before, now working side by side.

DC Comics Atlantis from Aquaman


The unification of Atlantis reinforces a theme of unity running throughout this whole issue. Not only do the factions unite, but we learn just how important Aquaman is: he sends out a telepathic distress call and it is answered by many, including the Justice League. Finally, Aquaman and Mera wed at the issue’s end, and the wedding is attended by a slew of their friends and family.

Sadly, DeConnicks’ run on the title has come to an end. This is unfortunate, as it sets up intriguing possibilities for stories moving forward: will the new, unified Atlantis survive? Will the various factions, at each other’s throats for years, be able to put aside their differences and fulfill Mera’s dream? And will Mera and Aquaman be able to enjoy their marital bliss? DC has stated there are plans for their daughter in Future State, so it looks like other creative teams are picking up threads from this book; when and if Aquaman returns to a monthly title, hopefully, more will be picked up.

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