10 Big Brother Canada Players That Need To Play On A US Season

The popular reality show, Big Brother, has spawned many international counterparts, with the most notable one being Big Brother Canada. Some fans would argue that the Canadian version has surpassed the US version in terms of quality and strong gameplay from its contestants, especially with the more recent US seasons being labeled as predictable and boring.

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One way the US show could reclaim some of its former glory is by inviting popular Big Brother Canada players to play in the US version of Big Brother. Some of the players who could easily fit in on a US season are known for their entertaining personalities and strategic prowess, as well as being former winners and runners-up.

10 Nikki Grahame (BBCAN4)


Originally from the UK version of Big Brother, Nikki was chosen to enter the Big Brother Canada 4 house as part of the Wildcard Houseguest twist, a twist that brought two international Big Brother players into the house. Caught off-guard by how different the games of Big Brother UK and Big Brother Canada are played, Nikki started off as a non-strategic player, but she adapted her play style by floating between alliances.

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While not the best player, Nikki provides ample entertainment for viewers. Her frequent temper tantrums and wild antics make her an over the top personality that would be a much-needed addition to a US season of Big Brother.

9 Gary Levy (BBCAN1 & BBCAN5)

A unique and fun personality, Gary was the runner-up of Big Brother Canada 1, playing a strong social game throughout the season. He was evicted from the house during the jury phase, but he was voted back in by the viewers and made it to the final two. In one of the more infamous moments from the show, Gary’s ally, Topaz, voted for the wrong person to win, costing Gary the game in a 4-3 jury vote.

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Gary had a shorter stay in Big Brother Canada 5, finishing in 13th place. He attempted to play a quieter game, but he was targeted after he tried to save Cassandra and was evicted the following week. If given a chance to play on a US season, Gary would be an entertaining character and social threat.

8 Kaela Grant (BBCAN6)

The runner-up of Big Brother Canada 6, Kaela was a dominant player that won multiple competitions and controlled the second half of the game with her showmance, Derek. In the beginning half, Kaela layed low until she won Head of Household in week six, where she started playing a more aggressive game.

Winning five competitions, Kaela was a competition beast, but her poor jury management cost her the game losing to Paras in a 6-1 jury vote. Kaela’s aggressive gameplay could easily transition to a US season of Big Brother, finding herself in the final two once again.

7 Adam Pike (BBCAN7)

Adam created one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother Canada history with The Pretty Boys, an alliance that consisted of himself, Dane, Anthony, and Mark. Adam had a top-notch social game and everyone in the house wanted to work with him, allowing him and his alliance to make it to the final five.

Unfortunately, Adam was cut at the final four when his ally, Anthony, evicted him from the house. Regardless, Adam played a winning game with numerous competition wins under his belt. In a US season of Big Brother, Adam would be a force to be reckoned with, making him a dangerous, yet charismatic, player.

6 Jon Pardy (BBCAN2)

The winner of Big Brother Canada 2, Jon was a strategic player who had a close alliance with Neda, making them a dangerous duo. Together, they formed a six-person alliance known as The Sloppy Seconds, which dominated the game and brought Jon and Neda all the way to the final three. Jon also won multiple competitions.

During the final three, Jon proved to be a cutthroat player when he won the final HOH and evicted his longtime ally, Neda, helping him secure the win in a 6-1 jury vote. Jon’s style of gameplay would transition well to a US season of Big Brother, making him a threatening strategic presence in the house.

5 Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCAN4 & BBCAN5)

A cunning player, Cassandra is known for her ability to manipulate her fellow houseguests and sway their votes from week to week. In Big Brother Canada 4, she primarily played a floater game, staying in the middle of the house and maintaining connections with everyone, a game that led to a fourth-place finish.

In Big Brother Canada 5, Cassandra was targeted early on by Neda, and she was evicted before the jury, finishing in 14th place. Regardless, Cassandra stands as one of the most manipulative houseguests in the show’s history. Her strong social game, strategic ability, and entertaining personality would make her a fun player to watch on a US season.

4 Neda Kalantar (BBCAN2 & BBCAN5)

Considered one of the greatest strategic figures in Big Brother Canada, Neda has a vast knowledge of the game and a subtle strategy, making her a dangerous player. In her first season, Neda played a quiet game in the beginning only to emerge as the dominant force in the back half of the game with her ally Jon. She made it to the final three, but Jon won the final HOH and cut Neda, as she would have won the game had she been in the final two.

In Big Brother Canada 5, Neda played a much more aggressive game in the beginning, thanks to the audience granting her immunity for the first five weeks. However, when her immunity expired, Ika jumped on the opportunity to evict Neda, sending her to the jury. Compared to strategic players like Dan Gheesling, Neda is a smart and savvy player that would be a welcome addition on a US season.

3 Kevin Martin (BBCAN3 & BBCAN5)

During Big Brother Canada 3, Kevin was known for his under the radar, secretive gameplay, where he got multiple houseguests to confide in him. However, he soon became a target due to his affiliation with The Diaper Alliance and was evicted during the Triple Eviction.

In Big Brother Canada 5, Kevin perfected his social game, while also winning crucial competitions that kept him safe when he was being targeted. In the end, Kevin won the season in a 9-0 jury vote, making him the first Big Brother Canada player to win in a unanimous vote. Kevin’s likability and under the radar social game would easily make him a huge threat to a US season.

2 Dane Rupert (BBCAN7)

The second Big Brother Canada player to win in a unanimous vote, Dane is considered one of the greatest players the show has seen and the best winner. He played a dominant game, creating strong relationships in the house and winning several competitions.

Dane was positioned well in the house, as multiple people were loyal to him and protected him from seeing the block. He also threw many competitions in order to maintain his social game and keep people on his side. Rivaling some of the greatest players of the US version of Big Brother, Dane deserves a chance to prove he’s the greatest of all time by playing in a US season.

1 Ika Wong (BBCAN2 & BBCAN5)

One of the most popular Big Brother Canada players, Ika initially had a short run on her first season, finishing in 12th place. During that season, she became known for shredding her fellow houseguests’ letters from home in exchange for $5,000, one of the most memorable moments in Big Brother history.

Ika returned for Big Brother 5 and played a much more dominant game, as she was able to create strong relationships and manipulate her fellow houseguests without winning a single competition. Unfortunately, she finished in 4th place, just shy of winning it all. Ika would undoubtedly be a powerhouse addition on a US season of Big Brother, as her sassy personality and impressive gameplay make her a fan favorite.

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