Where to Find All The Jigsaw Pieces in Memory Meadow

In Memory Meadow, one of the four main areas of Astro’s Playroom, Astro will need to turn into a ball to collect every hidden item across four levels.

Every new PlayStation 5 console comes pre-loaded with Astro’s Playroom, a tech demo for the DualSense controllers and a 3D platformer with tons of collectibles and references to PlayStation’s history. In Astro’s Playroom, players control Astro Bot, the same character from the beloved Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR game, and jump, fly, spin, and punch around levels meant to be whimsical representations of the PlayStation 5’s internal hardware. Throughout the different levels, players will be encouraged to explore beyond the designated paths to collect coins, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and artifacts, all while testing out the DualSense controller’s features.

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One of the areas players can explore is Memory Meadow. As the name implies, this location is based on the PlayStation 5’s memory capacity. Like other major areas of Astro’s Playroom, Memory Meadow contains four levels for players to complete. There are 16 jigsaw puzzle pieces, styled after computer memory chips, hidden across all four levels. There are 96 total puzzle pieces to find, which will go to complete the murals in the PlayStation Labo world. Players will also earn the A Grand Tour Trophy for finding all 96 pieces, and the Ico-nic Trophy for collecting all the pieces in Memory Meadow. Here’s how to find every jigsaw puzzle piece across Memory Meadow in Astro’s Playroom.

Where to Find Every Memory Meadow Puzzle Piece in Astro’s Playroom

A cloud tries to blow Astro Bot away from a puzzle piece in the Memory Meadow area of Astro's Playroom


Across the four levels of Memory Meadow, players will find 16 puzzle pieces. They will need to seek hidden areas to collect every piece.

Gusty Gateway

  • At the start of the level, turn left to cross the tightrope and jump over the broken bridge to reach the first puzzle piece.
  • To the right of the platform, right in front of the cloud that tries to blow Astro away. Players will need to carefully move against the wind to grab it.
  • Past the quicksand, just under the DualShock clouds and after the Death Stranding Easter egg.
  • In the section of the level where it’s raining, use the bounce pad to jump to the right and find the last puzzle piece on a stone platform.

Fastlane Fields

  • Just after turning into a ball, roll to the left into the field and go under the yellow ramp bridge.
  • Along the main path of the level, to the left of the track on the blue bumpers.
  • To the right of the PlayStation controller archway, down toward the player. Use the jump pad to reach the puzzle piece.
  • After the cloud pushes Astro along the main level path and just before the arena with the pinwheel, roll and bounce to the right to grab the last puzzle piece.

Astro Bot turns into a ball in the Memory Meadow area of Astro's Playroom


  • Near the start of the level, bounce up the cloud and to the left. Use the pinwheel to blow away the storm and reveal several small platforms with coins and a puzzle piece.
  • In the main path of the level, while riding the circuit board, jump over the electric currents to grab the second puzzle piece.
  • In the center of the four flipping platforms. Players will need to be careful, as lightning will strike and electrify each platform for a few seconds and make them dangerous to cross.
  • At the top of the classic CRT TV. To reach it, go past the television set to the left. At the checkpoint, turn left again to bounce on the clouds and land on top of the TV. Ride the TV into the air to grab the puzzle piece.

Bumper Broadway

  • Near the start of the level, aim the Astro Bot ball into the hole on the left side of the bowling pin enemy. Astro will travel around the rail and grab the first piece.
  • Immediately following the first piece, after defeating all the bowling pins, the center robot will rise and reveal a puzzle piece.
  • At the bottom of the step on the ice bridge.
  • Just after finding Artifact 1 and leaving the ice bridge, to the right of the round platform just before the three bowling pins in a row.

In addition to the 16 pieces on each stage of Astro’s Playroom, players can also find 4 pieces in the main hub, CPU Plaza. They will find the final 28 pieces in the gatcha machine in the PlayStation Labo world and will need to pay 100 coins to use the machine and access them.

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Astro’s Playroom is available for PlayStation 5.

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