Where to Find All The Jigsaw Pieces in GPU Jungle

GPU Jungle is a difficult part of Astro’s Playroom. There are 16 puzzle pieces for players to collect across the four levels of this location.

Every new PlayStation 5 console came with a copy of Astro’s Playroom, a 3D platformer featuring the return of Astro Bot. The game is a sequel to Astro Bot Rescue Mission and serves as a tech demo for the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. More than just a tech demo and tutorial, however, the main campaign and achievement and collectible hunting will take players around five hours to complete. The game acts as a retrospective on the rich history of the PlayStation as well.

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In addition to traditional platforming, players will need to collect items in Astro’s Playroom. The three kinds of collectibles are coins, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and artifacts. There are five distinct areas in the game, all modeling a part of the PlayStation 5’s internal hardware. Each area is broken into four levels, with collectibles hidden across the four levels of each stage. In the GPU Jungle, players will find 16 Puzzle Pieces to collect. Here’s where to find them all.

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Find all the GPU Jungle Puzzle Pieces in Astro’s Playroom

Astro Bot wears a monkey suit to climb the hand-holds and ride microchips in the GPU Jungle area of Astro's Playroom


There are 68 puzzle pieces hidden around the five main locations of Astro’s Playroom, with 16 across the four levels of GPU Jungle. Here’s how to find them all.


  • Past the first checkpoint at the start of the level, on a tree platform. To reach it, go left after the checkpoint, defeat the two caterpillar enemies circling the tree stump to reveal a small flower. Do a power-spin on the flower to reveal a tree with simple platforms and climb the platforms. Jump across three more platforms to reach the puzzle piece.
  • Just across the tightrope to the left of the second checkpoint. To reach it, kill the caterpillar, tug the exposed wire, and jump on the bounce pad. Walk across the tightrope, dodging the bugs being shot from cannons, and collect the puzzle piece.
  • To the right of the second checkpoint, inside a breakable platform. To reach it, pull two exposed wires and throw them at the spinning breakable platforms to open them and reveal the puzzle piece. Then, platform up to reach it.
  • Across the wooden bridge and on a cliff to the left of the bounce pad.

Teraflop Treetops

  • After getting the monkey suit, grab the microchip to travel up the wall. Grab the yellow hand-hold on the left quickly and climb the rocks to reach another microchip that will take the player to the puzzle piece and some coins.
  • After the checkpoint at the bars, swing to the long second bar and scale to the left across it to grab the puzzle piece.
  • Across more monkey bars, in the path of the level.
  • On the second wheel to the right of the monkey bar from piece 3. Grab the hand-hold, then travel along the wheels to reach it.

Raytrace Ruins

  • At the start of the level, go right to pull some exposed wires and release a stone pillar. Platform to the top to reach the puzzle piece.
  • Behind the first checkpoint at the top of a set of stone stairs.
  • Behind the checkpoint just after the tightrope where Astro gets battered by cool wind from the fan. At the checkpoint, turn around and float to the platform with the flower out in the open. Do a power spin to reveal another platform. Climb the platform, avoiding the caterpillar, to get the puzzle piece.
  • Behind the target to the right of the tightrope, following the boss fight in this area. To reach this piece, players need to shoot the target, then float across to the platform that is revealed.

A player climbs stone steps to a puzzle piece in Astro's Playroom

Mt. Motherboard

  • To the left of the second monkey bar at the start of the level.
  • After grabbing the monkey bar that releases the birds from the tree, swing straight ahead to grab the puzzle piece in the level’s path.
  • Along the path with the three sets of monkey bars, swing to the right into the small gorge to pick up this puzzle piece.
  • Continue down the gorge and grab the yellow hand-hold to reveal the final puzzle piece in GPU Jungle.

Players will earn The Found Legacy Trophy for finding all 16 puzzle pieces in GPU Jungle and the A Grand Tour Trophy for finding all 96 puzzle pieces in the game.

There are also four puzzle pieces in the main hub, CPU Plaza. These are located in the following places:

  • To the left of the seesaw. Go left of Cooling Springs. Travel up the ramp, pull the exposed electrical cable, and climb the structure to reach the seesaw.
  • On the left of the sliding blocks after crossing CPU Plaza by sliding the rope.
  • On the summit of CPU plaza, reached by climbing the sliding blocks all the way to the top.
  • In the bottom-left corner of the room, down the ramp next to GPU Jungle. Pull the three electrical wires to reveal the piece.

Another 28 pieces can be found in the gatcha machine. Players will need to use 100 coins each time they want to pull the gatcha machine. They may need to rerun levels to earn enough coins to do this.

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Astro’s Playroom is available on PlayStation 5.

A puzzle piece in the pink grass of Memory Meadow in Astro's Playroom

Astro’s Playroom: Where to Find All The Jigsaw Pieces in Memory Meadow

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