Venom’s Perfect MCU Spider-Man Set-Up Is Impossible (Because Of Iron Man)

Despite having a good foundation for the Venom saga in the MCU, this depiction of Spider-Man can’t logically adapt it due to Iron Man’s involvement.

While the MCU could theoretically set up the Venom storyline for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, because of Phase 3, the symbiote saga is pretty much impossible due to Iron Man’s involvement. Ever since Holland was brought into the ever-growing Avengers centric universe, his depiction of the iconic web-slinger has been heavily dependent on the influence of Tony Stark. Despite Robert Downey Jr.’s character making his heroic sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame: the following Spider-Man installment saw Peter’s continuing struggle with relying on the fallen Avenger. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter is challenged with the quest of having to live up to the world’s expectations of him by becoming “the next Iron Man.”

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As this Spider-Man goes forward, it has been made abundantly clear that Peter will be continuing to use Tony’s resources that he left for him. Whether it’s to produce even stronger web-fluid or new suit designs, the MCU has granted Peter a support system that he normally doesn’t have. Originally, of course, he was a kid from the working class with an aunt who has lost her husband, and the path Peter took with Tony left Spider-Man never having to worry about equipment, weapons, upgraded costumes, and more as part of his superhero life. Whether or not any of that will help him in Spider-Man 3 remains to be seen as he deals with his identity being outed by Mysterio.

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Despite many villains being adapted from his rogues’ gallery, there is one character in particular that many fans have wanted to see in the MCU: Venom. While Tom Hardy portrays the anti-hero version of the symbiote character, Sony Pictures has kept Venom in its own universe that will soon consist of Morbius and Kraven the Hunter. Despite there being rumors and possible nods to Sony’s Marvel Universe being set in the MCU, nothing has really come of it and may never do. But in a hypothetical world where the MCU could adapt the black suit saga, it has become impossible and, quite frankly, pointless. A key factor in the symbiote’s existence is that it’s an alien that comes from another world to Earth.

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At this point in Peter’s career, he has been to space and fought literal aliens, including the once-mighty Thanos. One of Peter’s key traits is that he is a very gifted and intellectual individual, something that has carried with him since his debut in the comics. Now that he has fought aliens and knows the complexity of them, it would make no sense to have a storyline where the symbiote just happens to attach to him that easily. And on top of that, with Tony’s resources, Peter will never have a reason to try and make a new suit on his own now that he has Iron Man’s help. It’s also very likely that any new suit that Peter would create would also come with functions that would alarm him if something extraterrestrial was trying to bond with him.

Peter would essentially always be ready now for any sort of threat trying to mess with his suits.  Had Peter never been taken under Tony’s wing the way he was in Captain America: Civil War, a black suit adaptation would be more doable in the MCU. But because of how integrated Tony is in Peter’s life, the creative team would have to find a different approach to bringing the symbiote suit into this Spider-Man’s life without insulting the logic and intelligence of this depiction of Peter Parker. That is why it’s more crucial than ever that the MCU eventually finds a way for their Spider-Man to become more independent from his fallen father figure and operate as his own hero. Should Venom be able to make its way into the MCU, it’ll be intriguing to see what ways the Marvel Studios team finds to make it organic to the current Spider-Man franchise.

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