Nightwing’s Future Team of Heroes Includes Two-Face

In a future Gotham City where vigilantes are outlawed, Nightwing needs help from a resistance team that includes a classic Batman foe: Two-Face.

Two-Face will fight alongside Nightwing and other members of the Bat-Family in DC’s Future State. This two-month event will kick off 2021 with a look into DC’s future, telling the stories of a whole new generation of heroes. Sadly, the future looks bleak for Gotham City’s heroes.

Bruce Wayne is presumed dead and the oppressive law enforcement regime known as Magistrate have taken over Gotham, outlawing all masked vigilantes. With the city under constant surveillance, the Bat-Family has a whole new set of challenges ahead. Of course, this does not mean that they are done protecting Gotham. In defiance of the evil organization’s persistence, a new Batman arrives to keep the streets safe, along with the continued crime fighting efforts of Nightwing.

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DC’s February solicitations reveal that Nightwing and the new Batman end up at the top of the Magistrate’s most wanted list in Future State: Nightwing #2. In the story, written by Andrew Constant with art by Nicola Scott, the two heroes will be hunted down by authorities and will need all the help they can get. Luckily, they aren’t the only ones who have a problem with the city’s new rules. Nightwing will call in forces from Gotham’s own resistance. Among this resistance’s members is Batman’s longtime adversary, Two-Face. Here’s DC’s solicitation and cover:

  • written by ANDREW CONSTANT
  • art by NICOLA SCOTT
  • cover by YASMINE PUTRI
  • card stock variant cover by NICOLA SCOTT
  • ON SALE 2/16/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 2 OF 2 | FC | DC
  • It’s an all-new dynamic for the Dynamic Duo when Nightwing and Gotham’s mysterious new Batman join forces against the Magistrate. But when the totalitarian force controlling the city declares the two heroes their primary targets, Nightwing will need to call on the full force of his hidden resistance, including two Batgirls, Huntress, and Two-Face! But even then, will it be enough? Find out in this action-packed conclusion!

It will certainly be exciting to see all of these heroes join forces, but having Two-Face in the mix does seem a bit strange. Ever since his face was disfigured, Harvey Dent’s mental state has been in pieces. While there are certainly some good deeds amidst his history of heinous crimes, Two-Face acts on a certain level of chaos, and his intentions can often be altered with just the flip of a coin. While it is entirely possible that the Harvey Dent of the future has been reformed, his reasons for joining the resistance may not be very altruistic.

While the other resistance members are heroes who want to protect the city from the violent methods of the Magistrate, Two-Face is a crime boss who may just be helping so that he can continue his illegal activities without as much surveillance from law enforcement. After all, who would want to oppose an elite law enforcement organization and the Bat-Family at the same time? On the other hand, Harvey was a crusader for good before he became Two-Face – and he has acted as Gotham’s protector in extreme circumstances – so it’s possible he’s feeling sincerely heroic in DC’s near future.

Whatever Two-Face’s motives may be, Nightwing should be glad to have him on the team, since the villain’s assistance will certainly help the resistance’s chances of success. Future State: Nightwing #2 will be available from DC Comics, Comixology, and local comic book shops on February 16th, 2021.

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