Henry Cavill’s Return As Superman Teased In Justice League Set Image

A new Justice League image teases Henry Cavill’s return as Clark Kent/Superman in the Snyder Cut when it releases on HBO Max next year.

A new image from the set of Justice League teases the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the upcoming Snyder Cut. With the HBO Max project set to release sometime next year, additional reshoots with several of the cast members, including some who weren’t even in the theatrical version, began last month.

In 2013, Cavill kicked off Warner Bros’ own superhero interconnected universe, the DC Extended Universe, via Man of Steel. The actor reprised the iconic DC role two more times: in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and in 2017’s Justice League. As of now, it’s unclear what Cavill and Superman’s future will look like in the franchise. While there’s still no news about Man of Steel 2, at least audiences will see him back wearing the red cape in Snyder’s Justice League.

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Over the last few days, Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner has been sharing images from the original set of the movie. The latest one shows Cavill just before a take and should make fans that much more excited about Superman’s role in the Snyder Cut. Check out the image below:

Looking at the background of the scene, it appears to be when Clark finds the monument for Superman and subsequently fights the rest of the Justice League. Admittedly, that action sequence was one of Justice League‘s standouts, despite some unfortunate dialogue from Batman at the very end. In any case, it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, Snyder makes to the sequence, considering it was already a well-received element of the theatrical version. Perhaps he’ll extend it to give viewers more of that fan-favorite moment. Based on how much Snyder has shown he values Superman and Cavill’s contribution, it seems likely audiences will be happy with how things shake out in the Snyder Cut.

Though this image is from the original Justice League production, it’s timed well with Snyder’s reshoots and should only increase excitement for his cut of the film. Hopefully, the Snyder Cut provides satisfying arcs for all of the movie’s characters, including Superman. The stakes for him are understandably a bit higher, as an increased interest in the character could solidify Cavill’s role in the DCEU going forward. If Snyder makes good on a better story for Superman in his cut, this could be exactly what happens. However, there’s also plenty else to look forward to when Snyder’s version of Justice League finally releases next year.

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Source: Fabian Wagner

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