Black Lightning is Getting An Amazing Upgrade in DC Comics

In DC Comics’ upcoming event Future State set in the near future, Black Lightning will receive an amazing upgrade in the form of a brand new suit.

In DC Comics’ upcoming event Future State set in the near future, Black Lightning will receive an amazing upgrade in the form of a brand new suit. Black Lightning will be getting a suit made from literal black lightning.

Recently announced for 2021, Future State will explore a new generation of heroes who are taking up the mantles of their predecessors. Although the storyline will only span two months, readers can expect plenty of tie-ins that shake up the DC Universe as they know it. As crises occur across the world, titles set in Gotham City will follow the tyranny of the Magistrate, following the reported death of Bruce Wayne. In the Dark Knight’s absence, a new Batman is rising to take on the mantle in Future State: The Next Batman.

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In The Next Batman #3, the Outsiders are learning to adjust and deal with this new normal in Gotham City. When Katana is reunited with Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning, she finds him with a completely new suit – now made out of his own namesake: actual black lightning. However, Pierce comes with a warning for Katana and the rest of Gotham, concerning Duke Thomas. While the new Batman is learning what it means to be the Caped Crusader, Black Lightning and Katana join forces to bring an end to the Magistrate and free the city of such tyrannical oppression. The cover and an official synopsis can be seen below:

  • “Outsiders” written by BRANDON THOMAS
  • “Outsiders” art by SUMIT KUMAR
  • cover by LADRÖNN
  • card stock variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
  • ON SALE 2/2/21
  • $7.99 US | 64 PAGES | 3 OF 4 | FC | DC
  • In “Outsiders,” Katana has reunited with Black Lightning, but her old friend and ally has changed…big-time! Now composed of literal black lightning, Jefferson Pierce arrives with a dire warning about Duke Thomas and his mission to liberate Gotham from the oppression of the Magistrate. They’ll have to work together—and we really mean together—to have any hope of defeating the forces working against them!

Fans might remember when The CW series introduced a similar costume upgrade, as Jefferson Pierce adopted a suit that materialized on a moment’s notice. Being that Black Lightning is the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, it was only a matter of time until the comics followed the series’ lead and gave Jefferson an updated costume modified to his strengths. Since times are increasingly desperate for the heroes of DC’s future, a new suit feels more than earned, as the Magistrate is the most ominous threat the city has seen in a long time. The Outsiders are going to need all the help they can get.

It might be worth noticing that an external change like this could indicate that Black Lightning has an even bigger role in Future State than previously assumed. Katana is already receiving urgent news regarding Duke Thomas, and in this issue, it seems that the titular next Batman will be taking a spot in the background. If the focus is primarily on the Outsiders duo, the series might be building to Black Lightning playing a key role in the Magistrate’s eventual defeat. As one of the few legacy characters still active, he will likely be integral to what comes next in Gotham. Future State begins next year, with The Next Batman #3 releasing on February 2, 2021.

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The Future Batman is Fighting FOR Criminals

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