5 Established MCU Villains (& 5 We Haven’t Seen) Who Could Make Up The Thunderbolts

From Justin Hammer and Zemo to Absorbing man and Bullseye, here are the villains who could make up the MCU’s Thunderbolts.

Ever since the defeat of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, fans have been wondering who the next big bad guy will be for the MCU. However, one interesting idea is that instead of a single villain, a team of villains will be established with many hoping to see a cinematic version of the Thunderbolts

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In the comics, the Thunderbolts were a team of supervillains who disguised themselves as heroes. They were made up of some well-known and less-known villains so it would be fun to see the MCU form a similar team. While we’ve already seen some of the MCU villains who could be members, there are some other baddies we’ve yet to see who would make good additions.

10 Established: Justin Hammer

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2


Despite being one of the highlights of Iron Man 2, Justin Hammer has not been seen in an MCU film since his debut. The rival of Tony Stark was last seen being arrested for his partnership with Ivan Vanko.

Hammer could easily make an escape from prison and find himself partnering with some other outlaws. While he has no superpowers to speak of, he could perhaps build his own flight suit and take the place of key Thunderbolts member Mach-X from the comics.

9 Not Seen: Stilt-Man

Marvel Comics Stilt Man

The MCU has done a pretty good job of taking strange and laughable characters and making them actually make sense in a live-action movie. If Batroc the Leaper can be turned into a formidable and badass foe, there’s no reason the same can’t be done with Stilt-Man.

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This villain does just what his name implies – he commits crimes using his state-of-the-art stilt technology. Even if they can’t manage to turn that into something we can take seriously, Stilt-Man could be some fun comic relief villain who is introduced in the Hawkeye series before joining the Thunderbolts.

8 Established: Taskmaster

Taskmaster Black Widow

Technically, Taskmaster has not debuted in the MCU as of yet. However, the villain has long been established as the main antagonist in the upcoming and long-delayed Black Widow solo movie.

While we know very little about how the character will be handled in the MCU, or even who is behind the mask, Taskmaster is a villain with a lot of cool potential. In the comics, he is a mercenary who is able to study and replicate the fighting style of all his opponents. If Taskmaster survives their big-screen debut, they would be a badass member of the team.

7 Not Seen: Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man is a very interesting villain whose powers could be a lot of fun to see in a live-action movie. Though he is little more than a goon for more impressive villains, he is able to change his body into whatever material he touches.

There are many different projects Absorbing Man could be introduced as a secondary villain. He could then be brought in as the muscle member of the Thunderbolts.

6 Established: Abomination

Abomination in The Incredible Hulk

One of the most powerful villains who could potentially tip the scales in favor of the Thunderbolts is Abomination. Like Justin Hammer, he is a villain who is alive but has not been seen since Phase 1.

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Given the destructive potential of Abomination, he seems like he would be an obvious recruit for the Thunderbolts as well as a bit of a wild card. Perhaps he could be reintroduced in She-Hulk before joining the team later on.

5 Not Seen: Genis-Vell

Genis-Vell in Marvel Comics

While the Thunderbolts are mostly an Earth-bound team of villains, it feels like there should be a cosmic villain thrown into the mix, especially as the MCU grows. Genis-Vell is a member of the team in the comics and a character who could easily be introduced in Captain Marvel 2.

Genis-Vell was the son of the original Mar-Vell who was given false memories and eventually went insane. Perhaps he could be one of the more sympathetic villains on the team who is manipulated into being a villain.

4 Established: Ghost

Hannah John-Kamen as Ava Ghost in Ant Man and the Wasp

While filled with villains, the Thunderbolts are not all bad. Some of the members embrace their fake roles as heroes to the point where they decide to give up their life of crime. Ghost could be such a character as she was one of the more sympathetic villains so far in the MCU.

She was last seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp and was supposedly cured of her powers. However, she is still likely on the run from the law and she could find herself talked into joining the Thunderbolts.

3 Not Seen: Moonstone

Moonstone Ms Marvel

Moonstone is another powerful villain who could be introduced in Captain Marvel 2 or maybe even the Ms. Marvel series. She is a villain who got her powers moonstone which granted her the ability to fly, phase through matter, and create energy bolts.

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She has fought the likes of Hulk and Captain America, but one of her most interesting aspects is that she is also a psychologist and sometimes uses those skills when battling her enemies.

2 Established: Zemo

One of Captain America’s most famous foes from the comics, Helmut Zemo made his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War and will next be seen in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Though he is not as strong as most of the other villains on this list, Zemo is a master strategist.

In the comics, Zemo was the leader of the Thunderbolts so it would only make sense that he would fill the same role if the team makes it to the MCU.

1 Not Seen: Bullseye

Bullseye art from the comics

Bullseye is a Daredevil villain who was seen in the Netflix series. While the character could be kept about until Daredevil makes his inevitable MCU debut, his marksman skills would also make him a good choice for a villain in the Hawkeye series.

Bullseye is a mercenary who never misses a shot. He is the kind of grounded, street-level villain that would be a perfect addition to the team that is mostly filled with overpowered beings.

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