What Tyler Crispen Has Been Up To Since All-Stars Ended

Tyler Crispen went into Big Brother 22: All-Stars with a mission: not falling short yet again of winning the show. Catch up with post-BB22 Tyler.

Tyler Crispen went into Big Brother 22: All-Stars with one clear mission: not falling short yet again of winning the show. The fans got to know Tyler on Big Brother 20, where he pretended to be a “dumb lifeguard” who was just nice to everyone. But Tyler’s secret was that he is actually a fierce competitor and brilliant strategist who steamrolled his co-stars on the show. Through the Level Six alliance, Tyler, Kaycee Clark, and Angela Rummans ran the game and got themselves to the Final 4. However, their plans derailed when JC Mounduix won the Head of Household in the Final 4 and forced those allies to eliminate one of their own.

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Nonetheless, Tyler and Kaycee did get to the Big Brother 20 finale, so Level Six still managed to take two of its alliance members to the end. But the real shock came from the jury, which gave Kaycee the $500,000 grand prize by a 5-4 vote. There’s no denying that Kaycee is a well-deserving Big Brother winner who fought her way to get to the end and had a fantastic social game. But many fans still felt like that season was Tyler’s to win. That was the biggest reason why he was brought back to compete on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, and for a long time, Tyler did have a real shot at winning the show. Unfortunately, however, things didn’t work out for him yet again. This time around, he ended up in sixth place.

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Tyler Crispen had a real shot at winning America’s Favorite Houseguest again at the Big Brother: All-Stars finale, as he was announced by host Julie Chen as one of the two most voted people to win the title. However, it was Da’Vonne Rogers who won AFH on BB22. After the finale ended, Tyler went to a nearby hotel in Los Angeles to be with his girlfriend and BB20 co-star Angela Rummans. She prepared an entire hotel room with balloons and other items, all to celebrate that Tyler was back in the real world. The couple then flew back to their home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. More than anything, Tyler and Angela are using all of their free time to be with each other. They’ve gone for walks, have taken trips to the beach, and are just being happy with each other after three months of separation.

Tyler really did his best to prepare delicious vegan meals for himself in the BB22 house. But he’s the first person to admit that he isn’t the best cook, particularly in comparison to Angela, who’s a wizard in the kitchen. As such, Tyler is taking full advantage that he’s back home and that Angela is cooking all the time as she tries out different recipes. Something else that is new to Tyler now is that he just joined Cameo. Tyler charges $100 for a personalized video of him, and he charges $11.99 to chat with the fans through the platform. As of this writing, Tyler has seven reviews on Cameo, and they’re all five stars.

It wasn’t Tyler’s time to win Big Brother 22: All-Stars, but he did his best and can say that he was taken out of the game simply because he was too good of a player. It’s safe to say that Tyler is very happy to be back home with his soulmate.

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