Tiny Rick’s Adventures Continued In The Comics

Not only was Tiny Rick popular within the world of Rick and Morty, he was also popular with fans – so much so that he makes a comeback in the comics.

Rick Sanchez has transformed into some weird stuff, but one of his most iconic transformations was simply a younger version of himself, commonly known as Tiny Rick. Despite only being around for one episode, Tiny Rick made a big impact on the Rick and Morty fanbase, and his story actually didn’t end with the show.

Tiny Rick first appeared in “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” the seventh episode from Rick and Morty’s second season. With a vampire on the loose in Morty and Summer’s high school, Rick decides to transfer his consciousness into a cloned, younger version of himself so he can blend in among the student body and help catch the vampire. Tiny Rick winds up becoming the most popular kid in school, and both Morty and Summer enjoy Tiny Rick’s positivity in place of the usual Rick’s cynicism. However, it soon becomes clear that the older Rick’s consciousness wants to escape, but Tiny Rick’s personality won’t let him. Morty and Summer manage to stop Tiny Rick from destroying his older body by playing an Elliot Smith song, which brings him to his senses. Older Rick then once again assumes control and tells his grandchildren how to transfer his consciousness back to his real body, after which he destroys Tiny Rick’s body for good – at least, it seemed that way.

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In issue #25 of the Rick and Morty comic series, Rick reveals he has a device that can measure how cool someone is. While Rick’s rating is at an astronomical 8008.5, Morty’s is at a measly 0.0099, so Rick refuses to help Morty pick out a new shirt at the mall. After all, he can’t be caught hanging out with someone so lame. But before readers have the chance to feel too bad for Morty, Rick changes his mind – and his body – when Tiny Rick shows up at the high school and offers to help Morty pick out a shirt. After what happened last time Rick turned into Tiny Rick, Summer voices some justified concerns, but Rick insists he’s worked all the kinks out. More importantly, Tiny Rick explains that an alternate Rick obsessed with killing different versions of Morty has made his way to their dimension, so Rick switched to his younger body in order to keep a closer eye on his grandson. Makes sense, but all is not as it seems.


After helping Morty impress his crush, Jessica, Tiny Rick and Morty are ambushed by an older Rick – presumably the serial Morty-killer that Tiny Rick warned about. The two Ricks get locked in an intense fight, but Morty intervenes. He aims a gun at the older Rick, but that Rick insists that he’s the real Rick, not Tiny Rick whileTiny Rick argues the opposite. Morty, as usual, can’t decide what to do – that is, until he notices Rick’s coolness-measuring device from earlier. Morty activates it and, sure enough, the older Rick has a score of 8008.5, while Tiny Rick is at only 6980.1. Morty gives the gun to the real Rick, who explains that Tiny Rick is actual a serial Rick-killer who tricks Mortys into murdering their own Ricks. Pretty uncool – although he still technically had a higher rating than Morty.

At the end of the issue, Rick puts Tiny Rick down for good by zapping him with an Anti-Rick gun, putting an end to his evil schemes. Still, who’s to say Tiny Rick won’t eventually return? After all, he’s Tiny Rick!

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