Resident Evil 3 Player Finds Coolest Use Of PS5 DualSense LED Colors Yet

A PlayStation 5 player has made a neat discovery about the DualSense controller’s LED light bar while playing the Resident Evil 3 remake.

A PlayStation5 player discovered an interesting use of the new DualSense LED colors while playing Resident Evil 3. The DualSense controller has been one of the next-generation console’s most anticipated assets due to its haptic feedback capabilities, with many new and backward compatible titles taking full advantage of the tactile and immersive feature. However, one of the most overlooked boons of the PS5’s DualSense thus far is its color-changing LEDs surrounding the touchpad, which have serious visual and gameplay potential that only some developers are taking into account.

Capcom’s current project is Resident Evil Village, the tenth major installment in the survival horror/action franchise, but many players are experiencing the studio’s acclaimed remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 for the first time in their highest fidelity on the newly released PS5 and Xbox Series X. The former console’s controller is noticeably the larger of the two, and that’s because of all of the interesting hardware Sony packed into its black-and-white shell. Reviewers and players are joining Nintendo Switch 3D Rumble fans in singing the praises of haptic feedback in gamepads, but it seems that many have slept on how the RGB light strip that surrounds the DualSense touchpad has significantly built on the DualShock 4’s more gimmicky attempt at visually bringing the game from the screen and into players’ hands.

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With the recent release of the PS5 this week (and a near-empty launch slate) giving players the opportunity to revisit some of last generation’s games on new hardware, Twitter user DreamcastGuy discovered a fascinating use of the new system’s DualSense controller’s LED colors while playing Resident Evil 3. The player discovered that the touchpad lights reflect to the amount of health protagonist Jill Valentine has at a given point in time; full health results makes the LED green, lower health yields yellow, and more dire situations are accentuated by an alarming red color.

PlayStation fans have been anticipating getting their hands on the PS5’s bulky controller, as the haptic feedback and resistant trigger systems have been touted by Sony as revolutionary for their console. However, it’s likely too early in the new console generation’s lifecycle for many games to utilize the features to their fullest potential, despite some titles supporting them. The idea is for players to actually feel like they’re performing a given task, such as drawing a bow in Ghost of Tsushima or sneaking through grass in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While players may notice a difference when playing these games on PS5 versus PS4 in more than just aesthetics, the true “next-generation” experience likely won’t be experienced until sometime next year, with games developed specifically for the PS5 after the transition away from PS4 is complete.

That said, for someone to already discover the reactive nature of the DualSense on a title that was designed for the PS4 – Resident Evil 3 – is a testament to Sony’s technological prowess. The DualSense controller’s features are impressive on a theoretical level, but seeing any of them in action is always far more remarkable than just knowing on paper what the features are supposed to do. If Sony can continue delivering on its promises, the PS5 – a system that is already impressive by itself – will have a profound impact on this console generation.

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Resident Evil 3 remake is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DreamcastGuy

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