PS5 May Support 1440p Screens After All Thanks To 4K Supersampling

Despite Sony saying that the PlayStation wouldn’t support 1440p, new evidence suggests that it is possible to make it work on a 1440p monitor.


In a big surprise to many PlayStation 5 users, it seems that the new console may be capable of running on some 1440p screens despite Sony stating that the system would be incapable of supporting that resolution. Players should keep in mind, though, that while this may have been confirmed in one specific instance, it does not mean it will be the case for all monitors.

This is kind of a difficult thing for many gamers and critics to test at the moment though as the PlayStation 5 has been pretty difficult to get ahold of at the moment. Despite launching in many areas on November 12th, the vast majority of consumers have been unable to place an order for the console. Not only was supply unable to meet demand for the PlayStation 5, but the influx of customers online caused retail websites like Walmart to crash several times throughout the day. Until more users are able to test out the PlayStation 5’s new features it will be hard to tell how it works.

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GadgetGang managed to track down a user named 1AxelGaming1 on Twitter who hooked their PlayStation 5 up to a 1440p monitor and got the system running just fine. Rather than outputting at a lower resolution, 1AxelGaming1’s PlayStation 5 started outputting at 2160p instead. The issue here though is that since the PlayStation 5 is not natively running at 1440p, it is only capable of a frame rate of 60. This is no big deal for the majority of gamers, but could be an issue for those who play games competitively and want an advantage over their competitors.

While this is pretty good news for the majority for PlayStation 5 users, others are reporting some large problems with the new console. Its seems that many PlayStation 5 owners are having difficulties with transferring there PS4 save files to the PS5, with some even claiming that the transfer has caused the console to overheat or crash. Others have reportedly run into a problem with a storage glitch for the PS5 that has caused the entire system to crash while in Rest mode. Some of them have even claimed that their new console was bricked in the process.

While some PlayStation 5 owners are claiming that the system is faulty, others are rejoicing at one of the most technologically advanced gaming systems ever created. Now that there is potential for players to actually make the PlayStation 5 run on a 1440p monitor there is even more reason to celebrate.

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Source: GadgetGang, 1AxelGaming1


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