John Mulaney Is Now A Staff Writer On Late Night With Seth Myers

Executive Producer Mike Shoemaker announces that comedian John Mulaney is now officially a staff writer on Late Night With Seth Myers.

John Mulaney has officially joined the writing staff of Late Night With Seth Myers. Mulaney not only recently hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time but has also made a couple of appearances on Myers’ late-night show in the days following the live broadcast. The comedian was also recently seen this past December in John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch, a children’s variety special that Mulaney will be producing two new episodes of for Comedy Central.

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Mike Shoemaker, who serves as an executive producer on Late Night With Seth Myers, revealed on his Twitter page that comedian John Mulaney has joined the writing staff for the show. Mulaney previously worked with Myers on SNL, where they were both members of the illustrious writing staff, crafting iconic characters, such as Bill Hader’s beloved Stefon. Shoemaker’s full tweet is below.

Mulaney has made a name for himself in the past several years, becoming one of pop culture’s most quotable comedians. In addition to the several stand-up specials he’s debuted on Netflix, including Kid Gorgeous and The Comeback Kid, Mulaney has provided his voice in notable projects, such as Netflix’s raunchy comedy Big Mouth, which will debut season 4 in December, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, where he provided the voice of Spider-Ham. Mulaney has even expressed a desire to give Spider-Man his own investigative reporter solo film. At this time, there are no details pertaining to how long Mulaney will remain on staff for Late Night With Seth Myers.

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Source: Mike Shoemaker

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