Every Housewife, Ranked By Likability

Bravo audiences are glued to RHOLSC, the franchise’s latest installment. Fans are already debating which cast members they love… and love to hate.

The premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City introduced fans of the franchise to a new group of women and a beautiful setting. It’s fair to guess that this season will feature the dramatic confrontations that everyone loves about The Real Housewives — and since everything takes place in front of breathtaking mountains, it will be even more fun to watch. There is a lot of buzz around RHOSLC as introducing a new city to this Bravo franchise is a thrilling prospect.

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The women on the show all talk about the Mormon faith in different ways, and while they each made their mark in the first episode, not all of them seem very nice or easy to love.

6 Heather Gay

heather gay RHOSLC


Heather’s introduction in the premiere episode is all about her Mormon faith. She explains that she married into money and that getting divorced wasn’t something that she was supposed to do. She also talks about her love of plastic surgery and that being Mormon is all about achieving perfection, which matters a lot to her.

While she seems like a great mother to her three daughters and it’s awesome that she has her own business, Heather might not be the most likable of these cast members. She talks a lot about looking and seeming perfect, which is tough to swallow in 2020 since that doesn’t seem very relatable. Heather loves Botox and not everyone feels the same way.

5 Mary Cosby

Mary Cosby RHOSLC

Mary Cosby is ranked next, and many viewers are confused about Mary marrying her stepgrandfather. Because of this unconventional relationship, she might seem harder to like than some of the others. She explains in the pilot that the marriage was in her grandma’s will so it was something that she wanted.

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While Mary does have a fun personality and she’s always dressed in really cool and colorful outfits, as her friend Whitney Rose praises her in one scene, her marriage might be tough for some fans to come to terms with.

4 Jen Shah

Jen Shah’s husband is a University Of Utah football coach and the couple has two kids, Sharrieff Jr. and Omar.

Jen seems like a cast member who is easy to relate to as she was introduced in the premiere as a woman who cares about her family. Watching her husband make breakfast for Jen and their two sons was sweet and it was nice to see them spending time together. It seems like her family life will become a common thread on the reality show. However, Jen loses a few likability points as she says in the premiere that if her son kisses a girl, he will get AIDS. People were upset and offended by this, and rightly so.

3 Whitney Rose

whitney rose RHOSLC

When ranking cast members by likability, it’s interesting to look at how someone gets along with the other women. Whitney Rose is a solid cast member for two reasons: she has a juicy backstory and is also a sweetheart when dealing with the others — at least, so far.

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Whitney and her husband Justin were both married to other people when they met each other, but they fell in love and couldn’t help their feelings for each other. Their affair led to them being told to leave the Mormon Church.

In the premiere, the couple renews their vows, and it’s really romantic. Whitney talks about how her family is finally okay with her marriage now, but they made her feel terrible for a whole decade. The fact that Whitney is so open and vulnerable about her struggles wins her a lot of points.

2 Lisa Barlow

lisa barlow RHOSLC

Lisa Barlow is the second most likable cast member on RHOSLC. She’s introduced as someone who loves her family but doesn’t want to cook, so they’re seen enjoying some Taco Bell in their car. It’s cool that she doesn’t conform to what others expect from her and that she wants to be her own person. That bodes well for her time on a Real Housewives show as she has a personality that sets her apart from the others on this series and also the franchise at large.

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Lisa says she is “Mormon 2.0” as she is religious but does things her own way, and that will be exciting to see as more episodes air.

1 Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks RHOSLC

Meredith Marks is definitely the most likable cast member on RHOSLC. Hailing from Chicago, business owner Meredith explained in the premiere that she moved to Salt Lake City with her husband Seth and their kids. Her son, Brooks, is hilarious in the pilot and he has a close relationship with his parents, which is sweet to see.

As soon as Meredith is introduced, she and Seth and Brooks go for a hike, and their banter is relatable and fun. Seth actually filed for divorce but word on the street is that Meredith and Seth are still married, and their relationship will be a storyline this season. It will be fascinating to see what happens.

As for Meredith, she’s a kind person with a great sense of humor. Some cast members were pals prior to the show and that’s definitely the case with Meredith and Lisa, as they have a super close friendship and are often compared to one another.

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