Best Pokémon Crossover Fan Art

Fans have created some epic Pokémon mashups with iconic series like Marvel, The Legend of Zelda, and more. Here’s some amazing Pokémon crossovers art.

If there’s anything better than Pokémon, it’s a crossover between Pokémon and another popular series, and many talented artists have combined the beloved pocket monsters with other movies, shows, and games. Here is a collection of some well-done combinations of Pokémon and other media, made by some very skilled artists.

With such a variety of Pokémon, it’s easy for creative minds to liken them to other recognizable characters in popular media. Whether pairing them up with an iconic character that seems to match a Pokémon’s type or having the darling beasts themselves dress up as an unmistakable persona, there are many ways to portray a great Pokémon crossover.

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In addition to a thoughtful consolidation of two different series, this variety looks specifically at some of the more notable media that a majority of audiences can appreciate. That, and a proficiency in craftsmanship, of course. Here is some of the best Pokémon crossover fan art that has graced the internet with its presence. Links to the artists are provided so fans can view more of their work.

Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: Marvel

Pokemon Marvel Joemar Villarejo


ArtStation’s Joemar Villarejo created a cute version of Marvel-cosplaying Pokémon that seems pretty fitting for their super-powered pairings. Having Pikachu be Deadpool wouldn’t make much sense without the Ryan Reynolds connection, but it ultimately makes for a comical and clever depiction.

Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away

Pokemon Ghibli Spirited Away

This whimsical Pokémon mashup with Studio Ghibli’s popular movie, Spirited Away, was made by artist Bloodlute on DeviantArt. Ghost-type Pokémon Gengar is a fun choice for No-Face, and an unfortunate Magikarp has the unlucky role of being a mere delicacy in one of the movie’s famous food scenes.

Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: The Legend of Zelda

Pokemon Zelda nikkisee

Artist nikkisee has an adorable little collection of different Pokémon impersonating characters from The Legend of Zelda on her website. Here, she has chosen the main starter Pokémon from the first generation, with the mythical Mew floating above in iconic Link garb and shield in hand. The combined logos from both series is a brilliant addition, too.

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Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: My Hero Academia

Pokemon My Hero Academia


DeviantArt’s OzoneFruit made this very thoughtful crossover of Pokémon and the My Hero Academia characters that would likely partner up with them. It’s hilarious how fitting each pairing is, and they all make a lot of sense. The use of the Alolan and Kanto Vulpix for Shoto Todoroki’s Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk is smart, and Murkrow seems like it was created to be Fumikage Tokoyami’s battle buddy.

Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: Final Fantasy 7

AndrewRyan Final Fantasy 7 Pokemon Crossover

Creative artist AndrewRyanArt on ArtStation’s Final Fantasy 7 and Pokémon mashup presents a clever marriage of the Square Enix characters and their pocket monster counterparts. The artist’s page also has a Pokémon crossover with characters from Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 10, and their pairings are just as attentive to detail. Dressing up the Final Fantasy 7 characters in Pokémon trainer gear adds another nice touch.

Pokémon Crossover Fan Art: Rick and Morty

Pokemon Rick and Morty Mashup

Artist Steve Yurko has a lot of epic crossover art on his website, and this combination of Pokémon and Rick and Morty is about what one would expect when the nihilistic mad scientist Rick is involved – or is it Professor Oak, in this case? Leave it to a Rick and Morty fan to turn adorable Pokémon into monstrous, Cronenberg abnormalities. These Pokémon mashups really stand out, but there is a plethora of other great combinations from talented artists out there also worthy of attention.

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