10 Things You Didn’t Know About Grisha

Attack On Titan has become a huge sensation over the last couple of years, especially with the manga being adapted into a stellar anime. The series has reached such widespread popularity that even a brilliant PS4 game and hilarious memes specific to the anime/manga have become viral over the years.

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However, very little is known about the protagonist Eren Yeager’s father and Mikasa Ackerman’s foster father Grisha Yeager, and how his actions prove to be pivotal to the anime/manga’s storyline. While fans have an idea about who Grisha Yeager is, a major part of his life is shrouded in mystery and a lot of facts are unknown or sparsely mentioned.

10 Grisha Spent His Childhood In An Internment Zone


Amongst the many questions, people want to be answered regarding Attack On Titan was the question regarding Grisha’s childhood. However, Season 3 sheds some light on the topic revealing that Grisha was actually born in the continent of Marley, in Liberio.

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He was born in the year 806 and spent his childhood inside Liberio’s internment zone made to keep the Eldians in check and aware of their status in society. Owing to the supposed-atrocities that Eldian ancestors had carried out over Marley, the kingdom had kept them marginalized and under constant surveillance, deeming them to be outcasts.

9 Grisha Had A Sister

Very little is known about Grisha’s little sister, Faye Yeager apart from the fact that she was a little girl of eight years who saw the world with delight and fancy, and hugely depended on her elder brother Grisha to experience its realities and joys. She died in the year 817 when Grisha had taken her out of the internment zone to watch a blimp, only to be caught by two Marleyan officers.

It was seven years later when Grisha joined the Eldian Restorationists that he discovered Faye’s death being caused by the Marleyan officer who took her. She was left to be mauled alive by dogs, akin to what he had suspected when he was young. A huge part of Grisha’s hatred towards Marley and his reason for joining the Restorationists is owing to the fate that Faye suffered when they were young.

8 Grisha Hated His Parents’ Subservience

On the day Faye died, Grisha expressed to his father how it was not his fault and that Faye had been killed by the Marleyan officers. His father tried to explain to him that their condition is because of the sins their ancestors had committed but Grisha hated how this has led them to become subservient.

His viewpoint was that they should not have to suffer for the actions of their ancestors and despite being silenced by Mr. Yeager, he continued to harbor his disdain for such subservient behavior. A major reason for him joining the Eldian Restorationists was to prove that his parents were wrong and that Eldians deserved respect in society.

7 Grisha’s Biggest Fault Is His Lack Of Self-Awareness

While Grisha appears to be a hugely calculative and calm man, he also lacks the qualities of self-awareness. This lack of awareness about his own self seems to be profound, as he cannot gauge how his actions might have consequences unless the proof is provided to him directly.

One of the reasons why Zeke becomes distant from Grisha and exposes him and the Eldian Restorationists to the Marley government is owing to Grisha’s lack of awareness. The same can be noticed when Grisha refuses to acknowledge that Faye might not have died had he not taken them outside the internment zone when they were children.

6 Eren Kruger Was The Reason Behind Grisha Settling In Shiganshina

After being exposed by Zeke; Grisha, Dina, and the rest of the Eldian Restorationists are tortured and then taken to the outer walls of Paradis Island to be turned into Pure Titans. However, Eren Kruger, known to most at that time as “The Owl” interjects in time and rescues Grisha from a terrible fate.

He explains to Grisha regarding his own role as a spy and how it is now up to Grisha to bring fruition to Kruger’s incomplete mission of obtaining the Founding Titan. He explains that his time is almost up as any Titan host can only live for 13 years and then calls upon Grisha’s duty towards his fellow Restorationists and sister Faye. Thereby, Kruger finally convinces Grisha to infiltrate The Walls and obtain the Founding Titan from the Reiss family.

5 Grisha First Met Carla At A Bar In Shiganshina District

During his initial days in Shinganshina, Keith Shadis took Grisha to a bar and explained to him how the world inside the walls worked. He also complained regarding the state of things and his reason for joining the Survey Corps to improve it. Carla was a barmaid in that same pub and upon overhearing the conversation, she chastised Shadis for his attempt to recruit Grisha into the Corp by telling a sob-story.

While Grisha married Carla years later, after curing her and her family of an epidemic that broke out in Shinganshina, it was this encounter where Grisha assured her that he would never join the Corps that accounts for their first meeting.

4 Grisha Delayed His Mission Out Of Familial Love

Eren Kruger had entrusted Grisha with the power of the Attack Titan and the mission of finding the Reiss family and taking the Founding Titan from them.

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After settling down in Shinganshina and becoming a doctor, Grisha was able to become close with officials in the government and gain information regarding the whereabouts of the Reiss family. However, instead of acting on the information immediately, he chose to delay it because he wanted to spend time with his new-found family in Carla and Eren.

3 Grisha Had A Picture of Dina And Zeke In His Basement

The 19th episode of the third season of Attack On Titan is where fans finally learn about the mysterious basement in the Yeager house. The episode sheds a lot of light on the past life of Grisha.

With Season 4 just around the corner and a lot of information already implied from the Season 4 trailer of the anime, it is important to know that despite having settled down in Shinganshina, Grisha never forgot about his previous life and family. Along with the three journals that depict his life in Marley, was found a picture of Zeke and Dina, fastened carefully to the first page of the first book.

2 Grisha Was The Host To Two Titans At A Single Time

Amongst the many Titan shifters present in the series, Grisha was at one point in time simultaneously host to two such Titans. He had already inherited the Attack Titan from Eren Kruger when the latter entrusted him with the mission of finding the Reiss family and taking the Founding Titan.

Years later, when Grisha resumes his mission, he takes the Founding Titan from Frieda Reiss after defeating her easily. However, Grisha is unable to use the power of the Founding Titan for not being of royal lineage and possesses its power only for a short while. He soon transfers both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan’s power to his son Eren after injecting the later with the Titan serum, thereby answering the question of whether Eren really ate his dad Grisha.

1 Grisha Apologized To Zeke

Being a Titan, Grisha holds within himself the power of future sight. While most fans will be able to expect things that might happen in Season 4 based on the manga, future sight is a power with similar benefits. It lets a Titan’s host experience the future memories of those who would inherit the power, thereby allowing them to actually see the future.

After massacring the Reiss family, Grisha is aghast with his own actions and starts lamenting. It is then that he realizes he is able to connect with a future Zeke through the pathways. Seeing the future Zeke he becomes overcome with remorse and apologizes to him for not being an ideal father. Although Grisha is unable to apologize to Zeke physically, he redeems himself somewhat by apologizing to his eldest son’s future self and acknowledging his thoughtless behavior in the past.

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