What Animal Crossing’s Most Common Animal Type Is In New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many types of villagers that players can entice to live on their islands, and one species has more than others.

One of the many joys that players have when playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to go out and find villagers to invite to come live on their islands. There are a number of species these villagers can appear as, from bears and deer to ducks and frogs. With so many to pick from, there is no shortage of personalities and designs. However, there is one species of Animal Crossing villager that has the lead, by far, on how many different neighbors there are to discover.

While bears and ducks come close to challenging them, cats currently hold the lead as the most numerous of any species available. With well-balanced designs and fun personalities, cat villagers are unlikely to turn up on any lists of less liked Animal Crossing villagers, even though there are so many. The cat species is also proud to hold the current fan-favorite villager, Raymond. The smug, hipster cat is considered by many to be the most sought-after villager to achieve on an island.

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There are 23 cats available in New Horizons, according to the Fandom Animal Crossing wiki, and these are only a selection from the 30 that make up the entire series’ cat population. Besides boasting favorites like Raymond and Ankha, there are also four special cat characters that can be found in various games. Currently, the only special cat character players will find in New Horizons is Rover, the host of the May Day event. While Event Characters cannot become villagers on a player’s island, it is still fun to see them make appearances throughout the year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Many Cat Villagers

Animal crossing New Horizons Best Popular Villagers Raymond


While it may seem strange that cats make up such a large number of villagers, as well as holding the seat for most popular New Horizons character, it likely has to do with life outside the game. Cats are exceedingly popular companions for people, especially in Japan. With cats so well liked by so many, it makes sense that they make up a large number of possible villagers that players can invite to their Animal Crossing homes – and that they are in such high demand. Cats are widely popular, and their cute faces and pointy ears make for wonderful additions to some players’ island aesthetics.

Players have many fun choices when it comes to picking a cat villager to add to their island homes. Whether it is the most popular or the characters just here for an event, these furry companions with fun personalities add quirky charm to the homes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. With so many to different favorites to pick from, players can select a popular or less sought-after cat companions to join them in their daily hunt for bottles, shells and treasure on their island, making daily interactions a treat.

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