Twitch Sends Streamers Trailers And Backyard Renovations For Glitchcon

Twitch’s virtual convention, Glitchcon, is tomorrow, and streamers are being sent portable greenrooms in the form of buses, trailers, and backyards.

In preparation for this year’s virtual convention Twitchcon replacement, Glitchcon, Twitch has sent some of its largest streamers decked-out trailers, buses, and even backyard renovations. While Twitch usually holds an annual in-person convention to celebrate its streamers and community, this year’s convention has been moved online to preserve the health and safety of everyone involved.

On November 4, Twitch announced Glitchcon, the virtual substitute for Twitchcon. Glitchcon is set to take place tomorrow, November 14. The event will start at 12 p.m. on Twitch’s main channel. Twitch, TwitchPresents, TwitchGaming, and TwitchRivals will all be streaming content throughout the day. The last event of the day is scheduled to take place at 11 p.m. A full schedule of events can be found at

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While the event has been moved online, Twitch seems to be sparing no expense for the event. Twitch has sent some of its largest streamers portable green rooms where they can hang out during the day’s events. These e-celebrities will likely make appearances throughout the day from the comfort and safety of their new trailers and buses courtesy of Twitch. Streamers such as JessicaBlevins, Clix, and Valkyrae have posted their reaction to what Twitch has sent them, and the setups are rather elaborate.

These stations are pretty wild, even for Twitch. The trailers and buses are kitted with purple neon lights, fully stocked refrigerators, bean bags, and WiFi. There is no telling how much each trailer costs, and there are a lot of them. In the case of Valkyrae and her streamer roomies, Twitch redecorated their entire backyard. Four bathtubs, a massive tent with a projector, and a giant wall of balloons have turned their backyard into a relaxing day at the spa. Glitchcon has had a mysterious air about it since it was announced, and these elaborate setups may make viewers question even more what Twitch has in store for tomorrow’s events.

Glitchcon is taking place at a peculiar point in time for the platform. Twitch and its community are currently facing severe DMCA issues with some of Twitch’s largest partnered streamers being banned or on the verge of a ban. Clix is one of the streamers who are one DMCA takedown strike away from losing his channel. While Glitchcon is meant to celebrate Twitch’s community, it’s hard to celebrate something that is undergoing so much stress. However, Twitch has announced a plan to help streamers with DMCA issues, and hopefully, Glitchcon can be the fresh start the platform so desperately needs.

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