The One Fox X-Men Actor The MCU Should Bring Back (Not Hugh Jackman)

There’s interest from fans for the MCU to bring Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine, but the franchise should focusing on another original X-Men mutant.

There’s been overwhelming interest in bringing Hugh Jackman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to reprise his role as Wolverine from the Fox Marvel movies, but instead, the franchise should look toward James Marsden as Cyclops. Over 12 years after it’s launch, the MCU is currently gearing up to start Phase 4 of its massive interconnected story. As the series looks to turn the page on a new chapter, fans are anticipating the arrival of the X-Men now that Disney acquired ownership of Fox properties. Jackman’s portrayal of Logan/Wolverine was one of the key figures to come out of the X-Men film series, but it’s time for Marsden to get back into the superhero spotlight.

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Like Jackman, Marsden made his Marvel debut in 2000’s X-Men, a movie directed by Bryan Singer. The actor played the role of Scott Summers, a mutant who served as the X-Men’s field leader and an instructor at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Because of the uncontrollable red beam of energy that was emitted by his eyes, Scott wore special ruby quartz sunglasses or eye equipment that allowed him to use the power while in battle, giving him his X-Men moniker, Cyclops.

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In total, Marsden played the role of Cyclops for three installments of the X-Men film series before appearing in a cameo for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Aside from Tim Pocock playing a younger version of Scott in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, actor Tye Sheridan has recently portrayed the character in recent franchise films like  X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Unlike Wolverine, Cyclops never got the chance to shine in the Fox-backed X-Men cinematic universe. Jackman is a bit of an anomaly seeing as he holds the record for the longest time spent playing a Marvel superhero. In two decades, Wolverine served as a focus in seven X-Men movies, in addition to a handful of cameos. His arc, however, has been fully realized since Wolverine was given a satisfying ending in 2017’s Logan. Since the same can’t be said for Cyclops, the MCU could benefit from bringing Marsden onboard to the MCU.

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Marsden was a perfect casting choice in the original X-Men trilogy, but his arc was unfortunately short-lived. Scott was seemingly killed by his former lover, Jean Grey, following her full Phoenix transformation, putting a stop to Marsden’s potential for a future in the franchise. When the events of previous installments were retconned in Days of Future Past, Marsden was once again in the role of Scott, and it convinced fans that the actor’s portrayal was underserved in the franchise.

There are numerous ways that the MCU could incorporate Marsden in the role of Cyclops once the franchise introduces the X-Men. Even though he was hinted at being killed in Logan, the MCU’s use of time travel or the existence of the multiverse opens the door to numerous opportunities. Though it’s possible that Jackman appears at some point, it’s likely that the role of Wolverine would be recast. Hopefully, the same won’t be said if Marvel Studios has plans to put Cyclops in the focus of an X-Men centric story. At only 47-years-old, Marsden has plenty of time to put back on the ruby quartz glasses for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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