The Best Fishing Spots For Xtravaganza Week 2 Challenge

Fortnite’s XP Xtravaganza Week 2 requires the player to fish with various rods. This guide will show the best places to fish in Fortnite.

Fishing is one of the challenges available in this week’s Fortnite XP Xtravaganza. This guide will show the best places where players can fish and complete this challenge. Fortnite has had one of its biggest seasons yet by teaming up with Marvel Comics. Players who have subscribed to the battle pass were able to unlock skins, emotes, and dances of Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains. This includes characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Storm, Mystique, and many more. Not only that, but key locations of the map have been added to the map like Doom’s Domain and Sentinals Graveyard. One of the new weekly challenges requires players to collect enough fish. This guide will help players locate the best places to complete this challenge.

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New challenges are added to the game every week to keep players coming back for me. Here’s what players can expect for Week 2 of XP Xtravaganza.

  • Stage 1 of 3 – Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (1,000)
  • Stage 2 of 3 – Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (2,500)
  • Stage 3 of 3 – Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (5,000)
  • Stage 1 of 3 – Eliminate opponents with Common weapons (7)
  • Stage 2 of 3 – Eliminate opponents with Rare weapons (7)
  • Stage 3 of 3 – Eliminate opponents with Epic weapons (7)
  • Stage 1 of 3 – Damage opponents using the Choppa’s blades (50)
  • Stage 2 of 3 – Damage opponents using the Choppa’s blades (150)
  • Stage 3 of 3 – Damage opponents using the Choppa’s blades (250)
  • Stage 1 of 3 – Catch fish (10)
  • Stage 2 of 3 – Catch fish with a Pro fishing rod (10)
  • Stage 3 of 3 – Catch fish with Explosive Weapons (10)
  • Shoot a gas can thrown by a teammate before it hits the ground (1)

Players will need to catch a fish with a variety of different fishing rods. Here’s the best place to fish.

The Best Places To Fish in Fortnite (XP Xtravaganza Week 2)


This challenge can be done with either a fishing rod or a harpoon. The real challenge comes along with finding the proper fishing rod for these challenges. The Pro Fishing rod is harder to come by but the best place to find them would be near any body of water. If it doesn’t spawn the first time, continue to reappear in that location until it does. For the explosion challenge, the player can stock up on grenades and toss them into where fish spawn to capture them this way. Grenades are much easier to come by than Pro Fishing rods. It’s a matter of RNG for this challenge.

Fortnite continues to add new content for its players to enjoy every week. It’s going to be challenging to see how the battle royale giant plans to step up their game in the next season. The Marvel crossover has been a big hit for old and new fans. With the season coming to a close, it will be interesting to see how they plan to top the theatrics next season.

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Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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