Teen Titans Battle Teen Titans Go! In Epic Crossover Art

Art depicting an epic crossover between the Teen Titans and their Teen Titans Go! counterparts illustrated by Stephen Byrne is going viral.

Artwork depicting an epic crossover between the Teen Titans and their Teen Titans Go! counterparts illustrated by Stephen Byrne is getting fans’ attention online.

Found at @StephenByrne86 on Twitter and @artworkofstephenbyrne on Instagram, Byrne, who has illustrated Legion of Superheroes, Wonder Twins, and Justice League/Power Rangers, among other titles, has yet to work on a Teen Titans book. Until that day comes, his followers can dream what that might look like based off his redesigns of the core team roster that he’s posted on social media.

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The crossover depicts the teenage superheroes Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy going up against their alternate selves, along with Damian Wayne’s Boy Wonder fighting Dick Grayson’s Robin. Byrne includes his own spin on the Titans, with unique redesigns – most notably for Cyborg and Beast Boy – which fans seemed to appreciate based off of the post’s comments and replies. His inspired take on the team is getting followers’ imaginations racing with the possibilities of what an actual crossover between the two vastly different iterations colliding could look like. The full piece can be seen in Byrne’s Twitter post below:

In 2019, a more serious iteration of the Teen Titans from the original animated series faced their Teen Titans Go! doppelgangers in the animated movie Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go! Audiences were excited to see the multiverse in action, as the premise opened the door to a myriad of potential crossovers. Teen Titans Go!  has paid homage to just about every piece of DC lore imaginable; from Batman: The Animated Series to the Nicolas Cage Superman movie that never happened, for better or worse. Byrne’s artwork and the extremely positive reaction to it has surely planted the seed of an idea for the crossover to evolve beyond the piece itself.

The Teen Titans are arguably one of the most broadly interpreted teams in comics, with iterations specific for just about every audience demographic imaginable. Whether it’s young adults looking for a Beast Boy and Raven romance, or fans of the Zack Snyder DC movies who prefer a gritty tone in Titans, or audiences who prefer something that takes itself less seriously, there seems to be something for everyone. Byrne covers all the bases and brings the fanbase together with their shared love for what makes these characters special. For that reason alone, more crossovers involving alternate versions of the team might be closer than they seem. Years ago, such an idea sounded unlikely to come to fruition, but with DC’s recent emphasis on the multiverse, anything seems possible. With Byrne’s artwork quickly gaining traction online, DC knows who to contact if they want to pursue such a fun Teen Titans crossover event.

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