Star Wars Comics Brings Rise of Skywalker Deleted Scene To Life

Marvel’s Darth Vader comics just put the Dark Lord face to face with a mysterious being who was supposed to interact with Kylo Ren in Episode IX.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Darth Vader #7

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader series, Lord Vader is not doing so great. Not only has he fallen from grace in the eyes of his Emperor master, he’s also been punished due to his failure to destroy or turn his son Luke to the dark side after the events of Empire Strikes Back. Vader now finds himself broken and left for dead by his master on the planet of Mustafar, the same planet where the identity of Vader was born. Now, Vader is being tracked by one of his master’s hunters as he struggles to rebuild himself in both body and spirit. However, Vader just came face to face with a mysterious being, one who was meant to be featured in The Rise of Skywalker.

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In addition to his failures with Luke, Vader had also been ignoring the initial summons of his master, choosing instead to delve into his past and discover the particulars of what happened to his late wife Padmé. Naturally, this created strong conflict within the Dark Lord, and motivated Darth Sidious to punish his apprentice, forcing him to relearn the teachings and ways of the Sith. The Emperor dumped Vader on the very same lava bank where he found him at the end of Revenge of the Sith, telling his wayward apprentice that he must now rebuild himself and reconnect with his inner darkness, before he can tap into the dark side of the Force. Having been prohibited from using the Force until such a time, Vader is faced with an extremely difficult journey ahead.

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Now, In Darth Vader #7, from writer Greg Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco, Vader has managed to rebuild his crushed limbs using parts from discarded battle droids from the days of the Clones Wars. However, he trials are only just beginning. Ochi of Bestoon is on the hunt for Vader, having been sent by the Emperor himself to test and perhaps even kill Vader should he fail. Fans will remember Ochi as the assassin Palpatine sent to kill Rey’s parents in Episode IX.

However, the connections to Rise of Skywalker don’t end there. During his duel with Ochi, Vader is beckoned by a mysterious voice, calling out to him from the caverns of Mustafar. After evading Ochi for the time being, Vader finds the source of the voice that’s offering him answers and secrets: The Eye of Webbish Bog. For fans who don’t know, the Eye of Webbish Bog was supposed to be a creature that Kylo Ren would have interacted with in the beginning of Episode IX during his own time on Mustafar, had the scene not been cut from the film.


While not much is known thus far as to the creature’s origins or desires, it’s depicted as some sort of spider-like creature attached to the head of giant. However, it does seem to have secret knowledge and perhaps even holds a connection to the Force, calling out to Vader and sensing his demands for answers. It claims that it holds “answers Vader wouldn’t understand” to “questions he doesn’t even know to ask.” In the novelization of Rise of Skywalker, Kylo Ren faced the Eye, and it claimed to be a servant of Vader, leading Ren to the discovery of the Sith Wayfinder. Perhaps the Eye will reveal similar secrets to Lord Vader?

In any case, it will be interesting to see what exactly the Eye could reveal to Darth Vader. Will it show him a path to reconnect with the dark side? Will he guide Vader to the Emperor’s secrets he doesn’t even know about? There’s plenty of opportunities, but who knows if what the Eye reveals will even be true? Fans will have to wait until the next issue to learn more about the Eye of Webbish Bog and how it becomes Darth Vader’s servant as his series continues.

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