MCU: Future Vs. Past Captain America, Who Would Win?

Many MCU fans can agree that Captain America (Chris Evans) is a formidable opponent in any fight. He’s enhanced with a super solider serum after all. In Avengers: Endgame, fans got to see the unthinkable occur on screen. As the Avengers acted out their plan to travel back in time to retrieve some infinity stones and Pim particles, Cap faced a hiccup.

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His future self came face to face with his past self. The battle was nail-biting and had fans squealing in glee. Not to mention the certain backside comment made. While there was a clear winner, one couldn’t help but wonder in what ways does the past version of Cap from his first film and first Avengers film outrank nomad Steve Rogers/Captain America.

10 Past: Use Of Artillery

captain America and howling commandos in First Avenger movie


It was a different time back during World War II when Steve Rogers was given his super-soldier serum. They were jsut on the cusp of advancing technology. But when it comes to old Cap versus nomad/future Cap, the old one wins in artillery.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, audiences see a short clip of Cap using a gun. The Howling Commandos around him also use common weapons of the time like grenades. Fast forward to present Cap, he doesn’t use any of these items. Just fists and a shield.

9 Future: Doesn’t Trade Lives

Vision from Avengers: Infinity War

There was a huge moment in the last two films where Cap showcased his change in thinking. This can be seen as a win for either side depending on how it’s looked at. When discussing how to save the mind stone from Thanos, Vision suggests that Scarlett Witch destroying it. But it would also kill him in the process.

Cap is quick to refute saying, “We don’t trade lives.” Past Cap may have made the sacrifice if need be, after all,  he did sacrifice himself by crashing Red Skull’s plane. But future Cap now sees the wrong of not looking for all possibilities instead of just acting at the moment.

8 Past: An Integrated Soldier

pre-serum Steve rogers from Captain America: First Avenger film

This win for past Cap mostly comes from the fact that he was just made, while future Cap has been around for a while. A clear difference between the old Cap and future Cap is that old Cap still had the integrated rule book of a soldier. The old Cap is still tied to who he was before the serum and it plays a role in how he develops.

The future Cap has had time to get accustomed to a new time and change the way he looks at himself. As seen in the fight sequence, old Cap is more to the book with a serious look to him. But many can argue that past Cap is overbearingly self-righteous. 

7 Future: Desensitized To The Modern World

Captain America and T'achalla in Wakanda

Cap, in the first Avengers film, is still new. At the end of his first film, he wakes up years later in a modern world. He’s completely blindsided by how much the world has changed and the people he lost. He even gets excited when he understands a reference made, an idea which has created many memes.

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But compared to past Cap, future Cap takes the cake. He’s been in the world for much longer and understands more lingo. Cap is also more aware of growing technology and has a greater awareness of the world. Future Cap has matured and built up a harder shell than his old self.

6 Past: Less Problems To Deal With

red skull from Captain America: The First Avenger movie

The problems Cap had to deal with in his first film is nothing compared to what he faces in Infinity War and Endgame. In that regard, old Cap wins because his main objective was to only stop the Red Skull. While both versions do face the possibility of human life coming to an end, Thanos is a much bigger threat.

Nomad Cap could have easily defeated Red Skull back in the day. But that’s because he would have been a cakewalk compared to the impending doom that’s Thanos. After all, it did take two movies to get things resolved.

5 Tie: Willing To Risk It All

Cap in Red Skull plane and Cap fighting Thanos in Endgame

There is a tie between old Cap and future Cap when it comes to doing the right thing. In the first film, it’s heartwarming to see that Steve Rogers would go through getting the super serum at the risk of failure. All in order to serve his country. He even defies his orders at the base and goes after Bucky and rescues the other soldiers.

To top it off, he sacrificed himself in order to destroy Red Skull’s plans. The same can be said of future Cap. By now he knows the pain of the consequences of Thanos’s actions. He’s in a state of mind where if need be, he will go out fighting. Cue the emotional scene of him facing off Thanos with half a shield and clearly beaten down.

4 Future: His Relationship With Peggy

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in Endgame

This entry might be a bit confusing because of the implications of what Cap did at the end of Endgame. When going back in time to return the infinity stones, Cap decides to stay. He gives Tony’s advice a shot and goes back to be with Peggy. 

Looking at the semantics of what he did, future Cap gets a better deal because he has a chance at a romantic relationship. There are many theories on how this is possible, but the Russos answered that it could take place in another reality. Future Steve seems to get to live out his life with Peggy.

3 Past: More Stamina

Captain America fight his past self in Endgame

As the fight scene proved, future Cap beat a younger version of himself. But he shows sign of wear a tear and even looks a bit fatigued. Future Cap has been around for a number of years and had gone through battle after battle. Even though he has superhuman strength, agility and doesn’t age as much, he’s still getting a bit old.

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Cap when first injected has much more stamina than his future self. Hence his popular phrase, “I can do this all day.” The Steve Rogers of The First Avengers was still fresh-faced and eager for a fight.

2 Future: He’s A Nomad & The Mjölnir

Captain America wields the Mjolnir in Endgame

Besides the awesome beard that was seen for a brief moment, Future Cap wins in other ways against his old counterpart. One of them being that he answers to no one when he goes rogue as a nomad. For a while, old Cap had to answer to the military and then later on to S.H.I.E.L.D. Future Cap works on his own and answers to no one. One of his quotes is, “I’m not looking for forgiveness, and I’m way past asking permission.” He is doing things his own way.

The second huge win for future Cap is that he can wield the Mjölnir. Fans’ reactions in the theater to this moment was spine-chilling. Cap is not only a super soldier but can wield a powerful weapon made out of a dying star only allowed by those deemed worthy. But one can also argue that past Cap didn’t have to harbor resentment towards himself for keeping the big secret about Tony’s parents’ death.

1 Winner: Future Captain America

Captain America returns as a nomad in Infinity War

Both versions of Cap have their set flaws. But who doesn’t make some mistakes? While past Cap was still “young” and hopped up on brand new super-soldier serum, future Cap beats him in a fight with his acquired combat skills. Not to mention the added advantage of the Mjölnir.

Old and future Cap both have the inherent characteristic of being willing to sacrifice for the greater good. But past Cap was a bit more naive and “new” compared to a more seasoned older Cap. He’s no longer a boy scout compared to his old self.

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