Mandalorian Director Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms Apollo 13 Easter Egg

Episode director Bryce Dallas Howard confirms that she paid tribute to her father Ron Howard with an Apollo 13 Easter egg in The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian director Bryce Dallas Howard confirms episode 3’s Apollo 13 Easter egg. Season 2 of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s Disney+ Star Wars show centered on the adventures of bounty hunter Din Djarin and his charge The Child is off to a roaring start, with three action-packed episodes already in the bag and five more yet to come.

The first two episodes indeed set an action-heavy tone for season 2, as episode 1 pitted Mando and Tatooine lawman Cobb Vanth against a hungry Krayt dragon, while episode 2 sent Mando, Baby Yoda and their new friend Frog Lady to an ice planet populated by terrifying spiders. While the ice spiders were certainly a highlight of episode 2, all people wanted to talk about from that chapter was Baby Yoda’s fascination with Frog Lady’s eggs, a few of which the little green alien tyke turned into his dinner. Bizarrely, an actual controversy erupted over Baby Yoda’s egg chomping, with some arguing the action turned Baby Yoda into a villain.

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Season 2, episode 3 “The Heiress” thankfully dialed back Baby Yoda’s egg munching, instead focusing on Mando’s adventures on the water world Trask where he met some new allies in Bo-Katan and her Mandalorian pals, and helped his new friends take on a freighter full of Stormtroopers as part of his latest mission in exchange for information. Directed by Howard, the episode featured plenty of the show’s signature wry humor alongside all the visually exciting action, and also made time for an Easter egg paying tribute to Howard’s father Ron and his classic movie Apollo 13. One fan noted that the moment early in the episode when Mando’s ship the Razor Crest enters the atmosphere of Trask bore a striking resemblance to a re-entry scene from the elder Howard’s 1995 astronaut movie, and the younger Howard took to Twitter to confirm the homage. See her tweet in the space below:

It’s been a busy few days on Twitter for Howard, who also took to the social media platform to thank fans for all their kind remarks about her work directing Mandalorian episode 3, which thus far appears to be the most popular episode of the season. Of course, the episode was already set up to please fans with its reveal of Bo-Katan, a popular character from the Star Wars animated universe. It seems Bo-Katan will play a big role in the action going forward, as the episode set up her coming confrontation with Moff Gideon over his darksaber, a Mandalorian relic Bo-Katan wants to get her hands on. Moff Gideon himself made an appearance in the episode as well, though only via hologram.

No doubt the coming weeks will see Din Djarin tussling with the remnants of the Empire more and more, as the bounty hunter continues his quest to reunite The Child with others of his species, while fending off those who still wish to collect the bounty on the green guy’s head. It’s even more certain that coming episodes of The Mandalorian will feature many more Easter eggs, though most won’t be as touching as Howard’s tribute to her father and fellow Star Wars universe director.

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Source: Bryce Dallas Howard/Twitter


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