Katniss Everdeen’s 5 Best Traits (& 5 Worst)

As the protagonist and main character of The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen has an interesting character arc. Here are her best & worst traits.

As the protagonist and main character of The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen has an interesting character arc and is one of the most well-developed and written characters from the books. While some fans criticize her for her flaws, the negative traits she has actually make a lot of sense for her character and for her situation.

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Katniss is often unjustly criticized in a way that male characters often aren’t because she isn’t your stereotypical female protagonist. She has many positive traits that are worth noting as well as some flaws.

10 Worst: Judgemental


Katniss goes through many difficult things at a young age, and she also has to deal with a lot of trauma. Because of this, she doesn’t have a lot of time for other people when they are weak or incompetent.

She can be a bit judgemental of others around her, but this does make sense as overall she just can’t put up with the nonsense of other people.

9 Best: Provider

Katniss is a person who had a ton of responsibility placed on her shoulders at a young age. She lives under extreme government control and fear, and her father died while working in the mines of District 12.

After her father’s death, her mother became depressed and really checked out, so Katniss had to pick up the slack. She really became the provider in the family in both a material and emotional well-being sense.

8 Worst: Distant

One of the great things about the way Katniss is written is that she’s not put into a box based on her gender. While women in media are often expected to be soft and likable, Katniss isn’t like this.

She can be rather distant and removed, but this marks sense as a way to protect herself. She lives in a terrifying society and has lost many people, so it makes sense that she has walls up.

7 Best: Practical

Katniss has had to learn to survive in harsh conditions. Because of this, she’s learned to be practical in many different ways. Not only does she know how to do things like hunt and provide for her family, but she also is practical about life and death situations.

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This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about people or doesn’t have emotions, but she also knows what she has to turn them off in order to survive and get the job done.

6 Worst: Calculated

When Katniss is in the Games, she obviously has to learn how to make choices to not get herself killed. While this is a good thing, she could be too calculated when it came to relationships.

She didn’t really feel emotions very strongly toward Peeta or Gale, even though she did care about them just maybe not romantically. But, she did approach these relationships in a rather calculated manner.

5 Best: Loyal

Katniss is someone who is pretty guarded, and she isn’t going to just automatically trust everyone she meets. She needs people to prove themselves before she feels close to them, but she is extremely loyal to those she does care about.

Katniss is willing over and over to risk her own life and safety to protect and save those she cares about the most including Prim and Peeta.

4 Worst: Angry

Given everything that Katniss goes through and is up against, being angry is a very rational response. Her anger is well-deserved, but sometimes she lets it get the better of her. She often reacts impulsively instead of thinking things through.

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However, this is one of her negative attributes that overall just makes her a more believable character and also more relatable.

3 Best: Caring

Katniss isn’t always particularly gentle and soft, but she also has a very compassionate and caring side. She can be really tough and removed when she needs to be, but when it comes to those she loves, she is always there to take care of them.

Her care and love for people such as Prim and Rue were really strong, and this was one of the best things about her.

2 Worst: Hypocritical

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in Red Armor

Katniss is only a teenager when she has to compete in the games, not once but twice. Then, she becomes the symbolic figurehead of the movement against President Snow. It’s safe to say she endures more than most people will in their entire lifetimes.

So, when she wants the Capitol people to be punished with a new Hunger Games for their own children, there is a twisted logic to this idea. However, it’s really disturbing and makes her a hypocrite.

1 Best: Strong

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has many positive traits that make her a good person and an interesting character, but one of the best overall is that she’s incredibly strong in a variety of ways.

While she’s physically strong and capable, her real strength comes from her inner fortitude. The amount of trauma that she goes through at such a young age is immense, and while she doesn’t remain unscathed, she is able to find some solace in her life. She is an inspiration in many ways.

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