How to Turn Off PS5 Voice Data Collection

Voice Data Collection allows the PlayStation 5 to gather data when players use voice functions on the device. Players can turn this off at any time.

It’s difficult to do anything online or with technology that doesn’t result in the need to give larger tech companies at least some data, and this is also true of next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5. Sony’s newest gaming system just launched, and it came with a host of new features including a more powerful CPU and GPU and faster boot-up and loading times thanks to the use of a solid-state drive for storage. The new controller is also a point of interest, using haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to allow players to more fully immerse themselves in gameplay and take even more control over the gaming experience. The PlayStation 5 also supports voice chat and voice keyboard input. To improve this function, by default, the PlayStation 5 also includes a feature called Voice Data Collection.

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Voice Data Collection allows the PlayStation 5 to gather data any time a player uses a voice function on the device and sends it to Sony. This will help the developers improve talk-to-text keyboard input. Notably, this collection will not include anything a player says over voice chat. However, it can still feel invasive to have a company listening in and analyzing a player’s voice data, and, due to privacy concerns, some players may want this function turned off. There is a way to opt out of Voice Data Collection any time players want. This can either be done during initial setup or later from the Settings menu. Here’s how to turn off Voice Data Collection on the PlayStation 5.

Turn Off Voice Data Collection on PlayStation 5


During setup of the PlayStation 5, players will be asked to allow or disallow Voice Data Collection. Most players will likely want to get through initial setup as quickly as possible and may not have read through this feature too closely. Players can still turn it off at any time.

It is very easy to turn off Voice Data Collection. Players will need to navigate to the home screen of their PlayStation 5 and open the Settings menu via the gear symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Then, players will need to scroll down and choose Users and Accounts. Then, they will need to select the Privacy tab and choose Voice Data Collection.

In the resulting screen, players should select Don’t Allow to turn off Voice Data Collection. With this feature turned off, Sony won’t collect and analyze voice input, but players can still use the voice input functions on the device.

It’s likely keeping Voice Data Collection turned on won’t pose too much of a security risk, given the data excludes voice chat. Still, players have the option to better protect themselves online if they want to.

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PlayStation 5 is available now from most major technology retailers.

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