Godfall: How to Use Soulshatter (The Smart Way)

Soulshatter is a skill in Godfall that allows players to deal additional damage to enemies and even eliminate them in a single, powerful blow.

The new PlayStation 5 exclusive Godfall by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software focuses primarily on combat as one of the newest entries in the looter-slasher genre. In the game, players take the role of a Valorian Knight and don complex suits of armor, called Valorplates, and master five weapons classes to hack their way through various enemies and confront Macros, a treacherous knight who aspires to godhood. Th combat in the game is smooth and deep, offering players a significant challenge as they learn each enemy’s skills and exploit their weaknesses. Godfall introduces a skill fairly early in the game for players to learn and master. This ability, called Soulshatter, allows the player to use light attacks to stack damage on an enemy, then take them out with a single, heavy hit.

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Soulshatter affects an enemy’s internal Aetherium, slowly deteriorating their spiritual fabric with lighter attacks before dealing the built-up internal damage in a single, powerful blow. Timed correctly, this can eliminate an enemy easily. Players will be able to tell when they have begun adding Soulshatter buildup to their opponent by a white glow to all or part of their health meter. As players upgrade their Soulshatter skill in the skill tree, or pick up more powerful equipment, it will become even easier to detonate larger and more difficult enemies from within. Here’s how to use Soulshatter in Godfall.

Use Soulshatter in Godfall

Orin beats Solaris in Godfall


Soulshatter damage will build up any time a player uses their light attack or Northern Technique. On PC, this is controlled by left-clicking. On PlayStation 5, or when using a controller, this attack is controlled by the R1/RB button. Players will see the Soulshatter damage buildup on the enemy’s health bar.

Once enough damage has been built up, the player can use a heavy attack or Southern Technique to deal all the built-up damage at once. On PC, this is controlled by right-clicking. On PlayStation 5 or using a controller, this attack is controlled by the R2/RT button. If the player has waited until the enemy’s entire health bar is glowing white from Soulshatter damage buildup, this single blow should eliminate them.

To build up more Soulshatter damage, players should consider using light weapons rather than the heavier ones. Lighter equipment will allow the player to move with ease and rapidly inflict Soulshatter damage buildup. It will also allow the final, heavy attack blow to land more quickly, as the larger warhammers and axes tend to take longer to swing. In particularly challenging fights, those seconds could mean the difference between destroying the enemy or starting over from the beginning of the fight.

As players earn XP, they will receive skill points to use in their skill tree. Soulshatter has five upgrade levels, each costing one skill point. These are:

  • Level 1: +5% Soulshatter Buildup
  • Level 2: +5% Soulshatter Buildup
  • Level 3: +7% Soulshatter Buildup
  • Level 4: +10% Soulshatter Buildup
  • Level 5: Soulshatter an enemy to unleash a shockwave that applies Soulshatter buildup to enemies in its wake.

Players should invest points in this skill, as it will allow them to more effectively take down larger and more challenging enemies and will be useful against Macros’ Lieutenants.

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Godfall is available for PC and PlayStation 5.

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