Bugsnax: How To Find (& Catch) a Preying Picantis

Bugsnax players will need to catch a Preying Picantis for Grumpus Shelda in order to progress the game’s main storyline, and here’s how to get one.

While there are 100 different Bugsnax for players to collect on Snaktooth Island, only a handful are necessary to catch to progress the story or complete sidequests. The Preying Picantis is one such creature that must be caught in order to complete Bugsnax’s main storyline. This burrito praying mantis Bugsnax can only be found in one place and requires a special series of steps in order for a player to catch one.

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The Preying Picantis is an aggressive Bugsnac that Grumpus Shelda requires for players to draw her back to Snaxburg. This is also one of the Bugsnax that can break apart into multiple different Bugsnax. It can be caught as the Preying Picantis, or it can break into two Tacroachs, and an Incherrito. While all three are needed to be caught to complete the Bugsnax journal, only the Preying Picnatis is required to progress Bugsnax’s main storyline.

Find & Catch The Preying Picantas In Bugsnax

bugsnax preying picantis


The Preying Picantis is an aggressive firey Bugsnax that will need to be extinguished before it is caught. It can be found in the hot desert region of Snacktooth Island known as Sizzling Sands. This location is also where the spiritual Grumpus Shelda can be found. She will require the player to bring her a Preying Picantis in order to draw her back to Snaxburg. The Preying Picantis is another Bugsnax that requires multiple steps in order to catch in its whole form.

There are two Preying Picantis in Sizzling Sands, but players will want to focus on the one closer to the oasis. Since the Preying Picantis is an aggressive Bugsnax, it will follow the player in an attempt to attack. Players will need to aggro the firey beast and lead it into the nearby water in order to douse its flames. A countdown timer will then appear over its head which indicates when the Preying Picantis will blow up and separate into three Bugsnax. The player will need to lead the Preying Picantis into a Trip Shot trap to knock it out, and then run up to the Bugsnax to catch it. If the Preying Picantis explodes, players can reset the bugsnac’s spawn by reloading the area. This can be done by sleeping or entering/exiting Sizzling Sands again. Or they can use attempt to catch the other Preying Picantis in the area.

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Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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