10 Theme Park References in Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Disney’s Mickey Mouse series isn’t just a modernization of the studio’s most famous character, but quite possibly one of the most Easter-egg-heavy shows the company has released in recent years. The shorts are a veritable buffet of humor, references, and aha-moments that will surely tickle any Disney fan’s fancy.

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There are references to characters, movies, and even pieces of Disney history, but perhaps the most frequent feature in the Easter egg department has to be the references to Disney Park attractions scattered through the series. From Disneyland to Walt Disney World, there are plenty of nods to various rides and attractions in the animated world of Mickey.

10 Cinderella Castle (Croissant de Triomphe)


Starting out the list with perhaps the easiest and most obvious icon of the parks, the first episode of the series features Mickey crashing through the stained glass windows of Cinderella’s Castle.

Even without the cartoon’s location being France, there is no mistaking the iconic white and blue towers of Cindy’s pad. Cinderella and her prince are even seen inside before Mickey rides away on his scooter. Two cameos for the price of one, right?

9 Matterhorn Bobsleds (Yodelberg)

Mickey Mouse Yodelberg


At first glance, many casual fans might mistake the yeti seen in this episode as a reference to Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, the presence of a pair of familiar-looking coaster parts scattered outside his cave revealed him to be the yeti from Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds.

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Not only is this version of the Yeti resistant to heavy chunks of snow, but has some serious snowboarding skills as well.

8 Casey Jr. Circus Train (Tokyo Go)

Casey Jr.

It would appear that Mickey has a certain affinity for trains like Walt before him. And with an episode inspired by Tokyo’s bullet trains, there were only two logical theme park easter eggs that would have worked. Fortunately for Disney fans, the animators went with the more obvious choice to fit in the cartoon world.

After Mickey has his perilous trek over the trains to work, he finally arrives just in time to take Casey Jr. himself out for a spin.

7 Haunted Mansion (Potatoland)


The episode “Potatoland” is positively packed with Disneyland references, but there are two that are the most prominent. When Mickey and Donald construct a potato-themed amusement park for a delirious Goofy, one of its main attractions is an outright reference to the Haunted Mansion.

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Replace ghosts with potatoes and potato products and that’s pretty much the idea. Kudos to Mickey for incorporating the theme into the Haunted Mansion script though.

6 Hall of Presidents (Potatoland)

Potato Lincoln

The second, and perhaps the most obvious Disney inspired attraction in “Potatoland,” is the shabbily constructed Hall of Presidents, as seen in Walt Disney World, featuring a giant baked potato bedecked in the guise of Abraham Lincoln, no doubt as a slightly shoe-horned reference to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln from Disneyland.

Despite their noble intents, this charade is comically put to an end the moment Mickey plugs the potato president into a nearby power outlet.

5 Captain Nemo’s Submarine Voyage (Wonders of the Deep)

Wonders of the Deep

Although it might go over some fans’ heads, this episode contains references to a defunct Disney ride called Captain Nemo’s Submarine Voyage.

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Inspired by Disney’s adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the ride featured a trip aboard the Nautilus, exploration of the coral reef, encounters with mermaids, and even combat with the giant squid, all things Mickey, Donald, and Goofy encounter on their nautical excursion with Professor von Drake. If only this ride were still in service.

4 It’s a Small World (O Sole Minnie)

Small World Easter Egg

There are two types of people in the Disney fandom, those who absolutely adore It’s a small world and those who disdainfully despise it. But no matter which camp they belong to, Disney fans all over will recognize the colorful clock tower featured in this Venice-inspired outing for Mickey and Minnie.

Seeing Mickey as a gondolier with a motor-powered boat is one thing, but seeing it rocket over the Small World structure is something only Disney could invent.

3 Jungle Cruise (Mickey Monkey)

Monkey on Mickey's Boat

There’s obvious, and then there’s painfully obvious. Perhaps the most blatant theme park reference on the list has to be the premise of the episode “Mickey Monkey” in which Mickey is literally the captain aboard a very familiar jungle cruise.

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Along with dealing with a rambunctious monkey, Mickey essentially has to perform the duties of the skipper from the iconic Jungle Cruise attraction. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned primate seems to have the same idea, and hijinx ensue.

2 Pirates of the Caribbean (Feliz Cumpleaños)

This one might have been a bit of a stretch but to be entirely honest, was there ever any better reason to have a piñata shaped like a pirate? When Mickey and his friends are forced to confront a gang of piñata desperados, one of the candy-filled characters begins chasing a female hen, unmistakably recreating a tableau from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Captain Jack might be miles away, but it’s still a nice little comedic nod.

1 Tomorrowland (Space Walkies)

Tomorrowland in Mickey Mouse

The last episode on the list takes Mickey to infinity and beyond, but it also features perhaps not one attraction but an entire segment of a Disney park.

When Mickey and Pluto bring their spacecraft back to earth, the launch bay bears a near-perfect resemblance to Tomorrowland. The two main giveaways are Mickey’s Rocket to the Moon and a structure that is unmistakably Space Mountain seen in the background. All it needs is the Tomorrowland People Mover to complete the set.

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