Xbox Series X’s Weirdest Special Edition Comes From A Fast Food Chain

A special edition Xbox Series X is being offered by, of all things, fast food chicken chain Bojangles, who is offering the Big Bo Series X on Twitter.

A special edition Xbox Series X is being offered by, of all things, fast food chain Bojangles. Bojangles is a chain of restaurants in the American Southeast that specializes in fried chicken. It was founded in 1977 and has now franchised restaurants in 11 US states.

The release of the Xbox Series X has been one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year, at least in the gaming industry. The hype for the new console is enough to draw the eye of numerous third parties eager to hop on a solid marketing chance. Most of these partnerships come from elsewhere in the gaming industry; for instance, 2k Games is offering exactly one Xbox Series X modeled after iconic Borderlands robot Claptrap. A partnership like this makes sense, because it offers players a chance to get a new next-gen console while also serving as an effective ad campaign for a prominent video game that can be played on the Series X.

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Not all partnerships make that much sense, though. Another special edition Series X is being offered on social media by a much different source: Bojangles. The company has unveiled a special “Big Bo” Series X which is being offered to fans on Twitter and no, this isn’t a prank. All one has to do to enter the contest is follow Bojangles on Twitter and Retweet the post, exposing more potential fans to this surprisingly well-designed custom console. The Series X has been completely redesigned as a Bojangles takeout box, and it looks very realistic. That might be to the detriment of fans who get the munchies after ignoring Xbox’s warnings and vaping into their new console, though.

Fast food and video games are certainly not strangers. This isn’t even the first example of them joining forces for the new console generation. Prior to the launch of the PlayStation 5, Burger King launched a special giveaway, offering fans the chance to win a new console if they bought Burger King food. The key difference, of course, is that Burger King didn’t dress up the PS5s it was offering to look like hamburgers.

Fans have seen a lot of oddities from the new console generation. From official vape warnings to Burger King deals to a giant floating Xbox Series X giving away free game codes. Both Sony and Microsoft have been raising the bar with their promotions, and bringing in a lot of very surprising friends to help them out. It might be increasingly difficult for players to actually buy a new console, with retailers selling out in seconds, but it’s good to know that at least one fan will be able to enjoy an Xbox Series X on the house. And it’s all thanks to Bojangles.

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Source: Bojangles

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