Why Tinsley Mortimer Is ‘Proud’ Of Herself For Leaving The Show

Tinsley Mortimer from The Real Housewives of New York City has recently revealed how proud she is of herself for leaving the show for love.

Tinsley Mortimer has revealed she is proud of her decision for leaving The Real Housewives of New York for love.

Fans of RHONY first met Tinsley when she became a housewife on season 9. While many fans did love Tinsley on the show, she had some moments where fans started to find her a bit annoying. Tinsley constantly talked about wanting to be a wife and mother, but her life just wasn’t giving her the things she wanted. When she met Scott, Tinsley fell hard fast, but the couple had many ups and downs throughout her time on the show. Ultimately the two ended up together and now they are engaged, happily living in Chicago.

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According to Page Six, Tinsley is very happy her time on RHONY has come to an end. The former reality star appeared on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey where she spoke about how proud she was of herself for leaving the show. “I was really taking a leap of faith and really trying to trust my gut and follow my heart,” she explained. “When I see myself driving off, I am proud of myself for doing it.” Tinsley left RHONY in the middle of this past season to move to Chicago and get back together with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Kluth, in November 2019. Not very long after moving to Chicago, Tinsley and Scott became engaged. Tinsley also explained how when she started on the show she felt it was the right thing for her to do at the time. It may have seemed like the wrong time to be on the show, but Tinsley felt after all she had been through lately, it felt like the right decision for her.

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Even though her chapter on RHONY has come to an end, she still maintains a genuine relationship with newcomer Leah McSweeny. The socialite spoke about how the two tested filming together in the beginning before Leah became a fulltime housewife. They both hit it off and Tinsley was happy to have someone closer to her age on the show. “We hung out a couple times and when she got the show I was so thrilled to have a younger girl on the show…to have Leah there was really great.” Tinsley is even up to making guest appearances on RHONY one day. “Hopefully, when the world gets to a place that is somewhat normal I will go back to New York, and I will see people…of course, I will still watch the show. Maybe filming a scene or two in New York with Leah.” Until then Tinsley is focusing on her life with Scott and building a family together: “we do want children, of course…we sort of feel like 2020, we are waiting for 2021 to do the things we planned like the wedding, and then we will work on the baby. That’s the plan.” Sounds like Tinsley is getting closer to her fairytale life with Scott.

While Tinsley may be missed on RHONY, she is living the fairytale she has always wanted with the man of her dreams. Tinsley definitely made the right decision to leave RHONY and follow her heart to be with Scott.

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