Miles Morales Toy Comes With Adorable Spider-Cat Companion

Spider-Man the cat’s popularity exploded after last month’s reveal; now fans can see what the crime-fighting feline looks like in action-figure form.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales by Insomniac Games is one of the most anticipated launch titles of the PlayStation 5, and while its protagonist is winning over critics and fans alike, another, fuzzier crime-fighting character in the game is also getting some time in the sun in some new merchandise. A 1/6 scale figure of Miles Morales coming from Hot Toys is shipping with an adorable Spider-Man the cat companion.

Spider-Man the cat was first unveiled in October in a preview of one of the game’s missions. The trailer showcased some of Miles Morales’ web-slinging action as he attempted to save a helpless bodega cat. To the delight of many viewers, the ending of the footage revealed the little orange creature wearing a Spider-Man mask and swiping at the bad guys alongside his human counterpart. It was apparent that the feline crime fighter was an immediate hit with fans as social media feeds filled up with content centered on Spider-Man the cat, including fantastic works of fan art. Insomniac even jumped into the fun just before the game launched. The developer posted to the studio’s official Twitter account with a reworked meme featuring Spider-Man the cat to get fans excited for the upcoming release date.

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Now that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is out, The Toyark confirmed the four-legged Spider-Man is keeping Miles company in Hot Toys’ new figurine. The wonderfully detailed action figure of Miles Morales is expected to release sometime in early 2022 and is shipping with his signature black and red suit with a ton of additional mix-and-match accessories. These can be anything from swappable hands to a comfy-looking pair of legwarmers. The figure, standing around 29.5 cm tall, also boasts a “hyper realistic Spider-Cat” which seems to settle snuggly into Miles’ backpack. Fans who want to get their paws on their own Miles Morales figure will need to start saving up though, as it carries a hefty $284.99 price tag.

Hot Toys Figure with Spider-Man the Cat


This adorable Spider-Man duo is not the only piece of merchandise inspired by Insomniac’s latest title. Adidas, Sony, Marvel Games, and Insomniac Games recently collaborated to bring fans a real-world pair of Mile Morales’ in-game shoes. The limited time offer is a nod to the Adidas Superstar sneakers, which are celebrating a 50-year anniversary, and the shoe’s classic design meets the red and black from Miles’ suit.

Fans had plenty to be excited about with the launch of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the PlayStation 5 on the same day and hopefully players will find a lot to love about the new web-slinging adventure now that it is out. However, it is also fun to be able to carry that fandom into the real world with cool swag like Hot Toys’ Spider-Man figure complete with its own little Spider-Man the cat.

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Source: The Toyark

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