Marvel Confirms All-Female Avengers Team ‘A-Force’ Still Exists

The A-Force may have slipped out of the public eye, but Strange Academy proves that the all-female superhero team is still going strong.

The most recent issue of Strange Academy offered a tiny treat for eagle-eyed readers. Even with the A-Force having slipped from the comics years ago, a glimpse of an Academy staff inbox hints that it might not be as defunct as believed.

The all-female Avengers team known as the A-Force began appearing in comics in 2015. The team featured a unique cast, including She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, the regal and powerful Medusa, former asteroid now superhero Singularity, Dazzler, and teen magic-user Nico Minoru. Other female characters would often join them, including a female Loki and Dazzler Thor — a Thor Corps version of Dazzler who appeared in various A-Force comics. First appearing in the 10-part series Secret Wars, A-Force comics showed the women joining forces to fight everything from zombies to interdimensional cosmic beings. The A-Force comics spanned different universes and were well-loved for their kick-butt female cast until their comics were abruptly discontinued in January 2016.

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In Strange Academy #5, readers are shown Wanda Maximoff’s inbox. The inbox looks about as messy as any teachers, with mundane but amusing written assignments by the Academy students, covering such topics as “chaos magic” and also “varying degrees of ice” peppered throughout. What stood out to some readers, is a teasing email from Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers, with the cheeky subject line “A-Force Assemble!”. Readers only get a small glimpse of the content of the email, telling the Scarlet Witch that they’ve “locked down a date for girls’ night”. Added to that is a mostly cut off all-caps threat that begins “AND YOU BETTER NOT…

Email Inbox A-Force


While it’s uncertain exactly what Wanda “better not” do, we can only assume that it’s just Carol Danvers’ way of encouraging her to join the A-Force’s girls’ night. It’s interesting to note that Scarlett Witch is not the only Strange Academy staff member that has A-Force connections. Former Runaway and original A-Force member Nico Minoru have also been hired by Strange as an occasional teacher for the magical bunch of misfits currently making up the inaugural class of the Academy. It’s easy to imagine Nico’s equally full inbox perhaps holding its own message from Captain Marvel, trying to get the young teacher in on the fun.

The teachers of the Strange Academy have a lot on their plate, as do the Avengers, so it’s nice to know they get to enjoy some downtime as well. Whether or not the A-Force is still joining up to fight strange interdimensional beings is still up for debate, but what we do know is that somewhere in the Marvel Universe a bunch of superpowered ladies are getting together to hang out.

Strange Academy #5 by Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Clayton Cowles is available now at your local comic book shop.

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