Like a Dragon (Boss Guide)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon wouldn’t be complete without a boss battle against the one and only Kazuma Kiryu. Here’s how to take Kazuma Kiryu down.

Kazuma Kiryu is a returning character from the previous games to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, so it’s no surprise that he is one of the final bosses. While the game creator isn’t fond of having Kiryu return in a fighting game, this is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Near the end of the campaign, his battle arrives in Chapter 14.

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As a level 57 boss, players should be at least level 54 or higher. At this level, players can have a party of four members and take advantage of having a full party. Let’s go over Kiryu’s strengths, weaknesses, attack stances, and a great party build to counter him.

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Best Tactics and Team Build to Fight Kazuma Kiryu in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza Kiryu and Ichiban Fight


Team building is the largest part of the preparation for any fight. For fighting Kiryu, the team should be built up of Ichiban Kasuga, Joon-Gi Han, Saeko Mukouda, and Eri Kamataki. Kasuga, the main character of the game, should play the role of Hero and focus on his Brave Command and Brave Love abilities. Brave Command raises the party’s attack power, while Brave Love can fully heal allies. Joon-Gi, a silver-haired previous boss in the game, his role to play is the Hitman. As Hitman, his main goal is to use his poison attack as much as possible to deal damage over time.

Saeko, a hostess from the cabaret club Otohime Land, should play the role of Miss Kyaba. In this role, she should take advantage of her Sparkling Cannon ability, which is a cold attack. Kiryu’s weakness is the cold, so this is the perfect damage type to use, making Saeko the most important character in the team for this fight. Make sure that out of all of the characters that Saeko is not knocked out of the fight. Eri, the last of the group, is a character unlocked after the player reaches level 100 of the Company Management mini-game. Her role is the Idol in the group, and she’ll act as the dedicated group healer and support character with access to a party-wide heal.

Kiryu has four combat stances. Among them are the Brawler, Rush, Beast, and Dragon of Dojima. Kiryu will evolve through these stances as his health pool is depleted. He starts at the Brawler stance which gives him basic physical attacks, like punching and kicking. At 2/3rds of his health pool, Kiryu will switch to Rush. Rush is a high-speed offensive and evasive style. Beast starts at 1/2 of his health pool. This stance focuses on hard hits and using objects in Kiryu’s attacks. Lastly, at 1/4th of his health pool, Kiryu will switch into the Dragon of Dojima stance. This is his ultimate style that will allow him to perform parries, repels, and the tiger drop.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Linux, and Mac iOS.

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