Kim Reveals ‘Devastating’ Rift With Son Ethan

Welcome To Plathville’s matriarch Kim has recently revealed that she’s estranged from her oldest son Ethan. Is Kim’s moral code too strict?

Kim Plath of Welcome To Plathville has revealed a “devastating” rift between her oldest son Ethan and the rest of the large family. Kim has always blamed her son’s wife, but many feel the parents are in the wrong for butting in so much.

The Plath family members are no longer as close as they were during Welcome to Plathville season 1. In fact, they’ve splintered into three separate households. Now Barry, Kim, and their younger kids have moved into a new home, while Ethan and his wife Olivia have taken a major step back. Micah and Moriah have also been kicked out of their home and are renting their own house just down the street. This season, the reality TV family will be tested, as certain members are rebelling by getting a tattoo or actually leaving the boundaries of the farm.

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At the end of the premiere season, TLC fans were worried about how the family would weather the storm. The once tight-knit family doesn’t seem like it’s holding together too well these days. The path to self-discovery is dragging the older children farther and farther from home and hearth. During the Welcome to Plathville season 2 premiere, fans were told by Kim that she was no longer on speaking terms with her son, Ethan.


Viewers got a chance to catch up with the entire family and found that all was not as it seemed. Ethan and Olivia were no longer allowed to be around the family’s younger children without the supervision of their parents. Ethan and Olivia were no longer trusted after they introduced them to cellphones and Coca-Cola. In a drastic move, Ethan decided to cut off all contact with his parents since he was on the brink of a divorce. Kim and husband Barry don’t seem the grasp the fact that they are pushing many of their children away with their strict moral compass that doesn’t seem to budge. Kim spoke to cameras during her confessional, explaining that while she was hurt and sad about Ethan, she had to do what was best for the younger children.

Fans have always found the couple to be a bit hypocritical since both attended college, drank, and did drugs. None of the dreality TV children have been allowed to figure out who they are as individuals. Many viewers feel there is an almost cult-like approach to raising children. Hopefully, the family will be able to repair the rift and come back together. Right now, the Welcome to Plathville future looks bleak.

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Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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