Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy’s Wedding: Who Was Actually Invited?

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were recently confirmed as married in DC’s Injustice Universe, but who made it to the guest list?

Spoilers for Injustice: Year Zero #8 ahead!

Who was actually invited to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s wedding? The two’s marriage in DC’s Injustice Universe was recently confirmed in Injustice: Year Zero #8, by writer Tom Taylor (DCeased) with art by Cian Tormey (Batgirl) and Rain Beredo (Aquaman).  The digital-first comic is set in the universe of DC’s Injustice series of video games, so it is outside of the regular DC Universe. It is available on Comixology now.

Harley and Poison’s relationship stretches back to the classic Batman: The Animated Series, where Harley also first debuted. There was an immediate chemistry between the two, and when Harley made the jump to the regular DC Universe, her friendship with Ivy came with it. This thread was picked up in books such as Gotham City Sirens and the animated Harley Quinn series on HBO Max; as the relationship progressed, fans began speculating their “friendship” may be something more. While there has been no official word on their status in the mainstream DC Universe, the Injustice universe first hinted at their marriage, and in Injustice: Year Zero #8, the marriage was confirmed, and we get to see who is on the guest list.

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The issue, set in that universe’s past, sees Harley break Ivy out of Arkham. When Ivy sees the abuse Harley has suffered at the Joker’s hands, she takes matters into her own hands and sends Joker a warning—to leave Harley alone. Ivy then shows up at Harley’s house the next morning asking if she wants to go on a road trip to Vegas. After adventures there, Harley returns to their hotel to find that Ivy dressed in a wedding gown and attended by Harley’s family and an Elvis Presley impersonator/minister. Ivy presents Harley with a flower ring and proposes; Harley says “yes.”

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Wedding Injustice


The guest list was small—the ceremony was intimate, but not without surprises. Harley’s daughter, whose existence was revealed earlier this issue as well, was present as was the mysterious woman who helped raise her. The Joker was not present either, and this is telling. Ivy’s warning to him was clearly heard; he did not crash the wedding or attempt any more contact with Harley–Harley is free from his influence, now for good. And with the exception of the Elvis Presley impersonator officiating the ceremony, it was surprisingly low-key, especially given the bombastic nature of the two.

The guest list being so small also shows the development of the two characters: both came from abusive backgrounds with little luck in the romance department; Harley especially. Through each other, though, they found the strength to stand on their own, and break free of the past that was holding them back. The fact the ceremony was mostly just Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy shows they need no one else but themselves.

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