2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door Is Big Enough For Two People To Sleep In


Ford has already announced that more than 200 accessories will be available from launch for the 2021 Bronco off-roader, including overlanding and camping gear.

Still, it’s refreshing to know that you don’t really need any aftermarket tricks to spend the night inside your 2021 Bronco. Mind you, you’ll need to buy the Bronco 4-door for that because the 2-door model obviously lacks the necessary space to enable in-car camping.

Thanks to the large cargo compartment in the back, the rear sleeping area of the 2021 Bronco 4-door has more than 21-square feet (1.9 square meters). With the seats positioned forward and the rear seats folded down, the maximum enclosed area is 6 feet 6 inches (1,981 mm) long and 3 feet 7 inches (1,092 mm) wide, in addition to 10 extra inches (25 mm) of elbow room in the door area.

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This means two adults will be able to sleep comfortably inside the 2021 Bronco 4-door. If you happen to be taller than 6 ft 6 but under 7 ft 6, you’ll be able to stretch out a little more by moving the front seats forward and sleeping diagonally. Needless to say, in this case you’ll sleep alone.

Additionally, the optional slide-out tailgate arriving late next year will extend sleeping comfort by more than a foot (305 mm), increasing the diagonal length to 8 feet 9 inches (2,667 mm). Mind you, this will require leaving the tailgate open during the night.

“We spent a lot of time engaging in the outdoors with off-road enthusiasts and understood Bronco had to elevate the off-road camping experience with cleverness and comfort,” said Bill Mangan, Bronco chief interior designer. “So we made sure our four-door models could accommodate in-car camping and we followed it with best in class overall openness with the top removed so campers can enjoy spectacular nighttime views.”

About the tops, the 2021 Bronco 4-door offers several choices, from a retractable soft top to the available lightweight hard tops, all of which can be removed to reveal the 13.3 sq ft (1.2 sq m) open top.


Updated: November 13, 2020 — 2:30 pm

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