10 Continuity Errors We All Chose To Ignore

Dawson’s Creek ranks highly among the greatest teen dramas of all time. What’s even more impressive is that the creator Kevin Williamson wrote the outline of the script in just one night before pitching it. The idea of the show was rejected by FOX but luckily, the WB (later CW) picked it up.

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Despite initially generating controversy due to its racy plot and dialogue, Dawson’s Creek was a huge ratings success. Each season averaged at least 5 million viewers, with the first season being the most viewed (6.6 million). But just like any other series, it didn’t lack goofs, most notably continuity errors. Here are the most glaring ones.

10 Pacey’s Birthday


In the twelfth episode of Season 4 titled “The Te of Pacey”, Joey plans a surprise party for Pacey’s 18th birthday. When the party finally happens, it is winter. There is snow and the people present are seen wearing heavy clothing. Some are donning hats too.

However, going back to the second episode of Season 2 titled “Crossroads,” it was Pacey’s 16th birthday and at that time it was summer. Everyone could be seen wearing light clothing. Pacey’s exact birth date is never revealed in the show but this continuity clearly messed things up.

9 Wrong Plane?

Dawson at the airport

Dawson visits Joey in Boston, in the second episode of Season 5 titled “The Lost Weekend.” Apart from hell breaking loose after he listens to a voice message, there is an error while Dawson is getting ready to board a flight.

In the final moments of the episode, an airport staff member, who can be seen in the background, makes an announcement stating that passengers will be boarding the final flight (the one Dawson booked) through gate C-3. However, when the passengers make their way to the plane, they are seen working through gate number to be B-1.

8 Where Is The Message?

Jack and Andie wait for Ben's message

There is a scene where Jack and Andie are using a computer in the ninth episode of Season 3 titled “Four To Tango.” On the computer screen, Ben’s IM messages are visible. As they wait for Ben’s photo to finishing downloading all the lines of dialogue on the screen between Ben and Jack (3 so far) are visible.

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The last line reads: “So. What do you think?” When the photo finishes downloading, a beep is heard from the computer, implying that there is a new IM message. Jack then reads out the message as “So. What do you think?” This line was already present hence it can’t be a new message.

7 Well… Probably A Twin

Joey and Eddie at the hallway

Joey is chatting with Eddie at the doorway outside her dorm room in the seventh episode of Season 6 titled “Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell.” The conversation happens around the 42nd minute.

A brunette walks past them in the hallway and disappears. Her hair is parted to the right of her head. Joey and Eddie keep on chatting but a short while later, the same lady walks past them again in the same direction. Unless the hallway path is a circle, the possibility of this happening logically is slim.

6 The Forest Disappears

Cinderella Story - Pacey drives Joey

In the seventeenth episode of Season 3 titled “Cinderella Story,” Pacey drives Joey from Boston early in the morning. As they engage in a conversation, every angled shot of Joey and Pacey shows a forest through the windows.

Seconds later, Pacey veers off the road and is forced to park. When the camera focuses on a shaken Joey, the landscape behind her is completely clear. There are no trees. A huge lake can also be seen. This makes little sense because, from the front angle, Pacey was never seen approaching plain land. The footage of the pine trees was probably implanted while editing the footage.

5 Joey’s Hair Changes

The Kids Are Alright - Joey

In Season 6’s premiere episode, Joey mentions (through a voiceover sequence) that she considered going to Paris but she changed her mind. Instead, she spent her summer in Capeside, reading, and waiting tables. She also met a boy who fell in love with her too quickly, so she ignored him.

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Joey is then seen getting a refund for her plane ticket. Her hair is darker and happens to be tucked between her ears. In the next shot, her hair is lighter and wavier. It’s also hanging over her ears. The logical explanation for this error is that the first bit of footage was shot in Season 5, while the next was shot in Season 6.

4 Time Moves Fast

Episode: True Love - Dawson's Creek

At the end of Season 3’s finale titled “True Love,” Joey tells Pacey that she is in love with him. She then boards the “True Love” boat where the two make out before sailing off.

When they set off, it appears to be earlier in the day. The sun is bright and the sky is cloudless. The sun is also at a high angle. In the next shot, clouds have suddenly appeared. The sun is lower too, giving the impression that it’s almost sunset. The shots must have been filmed at different times of the day.

3 The Car Moved

Dawson's Creek

Pacey is a worried man in Season 5’s ninth episode titled “Four Scary Stories.” He tells people that strangers in a car have been following him for a while.

When he leaves the diner with his co-workers, they spot the car facing them, right across the road. Pacey stops, and he is now facing the car in a head-on position at very close proximity. In the next shot, the distance between the car and Pacey is much greater. The car is now down the road yet Pacey hasn’t moved.

2 Joey’s A Quick Painter

Dawson's Creek

Season 3’s fifteenth episode titled “Crime & Punishment” finds Joey rediscovering her passion for painting. She paints a mural at school and Pacey comes to keep her company. However, the real reason he’s there is that one of his stubborn sisters has just come home and he’s avoiding her drama.

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Unfortunately, the mural gets ruined and at the end of the episode. Joey and Pacey are shown repainting over it with sky blue paint. Joey begins painting a small section then Dawson comes out to watch them. When the camera cuts back to Joey, the patch of sky blue paint is much larger. She couldn’t have painted that much in just a few seconds.

1 Differing Words

Dawson's Creek

A unique structure was used in Season 3’s twentieth episode titled “The Longest Day.” In it, there were four different segments that showed a day’s complete events in a repeated manner. But while trying to make the scenes similar, continuity errors occurred in the dialogue.

In Act 3, Dawson confronts Joey and Pacey about their relationship. Addressing William and Andie, he says: “Better yet, ask Joey. Ask her how long she’s been lying to me and to you.” But in Act 4, he says: “Better yet, Ask Joey. Ask her how long the two of them have been lying to you and to me.” Also, in Act 3, he says, “Go ahead ask them, because I can’t stand to look at them.” In Act 4, he changes to “Go ahead ask them, because I can’t even stand to look at them anymore.”

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