10 Best Johnny Bravo Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Score

Johnny Bravo (1997-2004) is a cartoon show about a man with an enormous ego. He is very certain of his own manliness and is constantly rebuffed by the woman that he tries to flirt with. On a surface level, audiences may expect the show to be disappointing due to its protagonist’s behavior.

However, those who dip their toes into the content experience a pleasant surprise. Johnny is framed as the fool for his ego and his shallow ideas regarding women. In an unexpected way, the show has a lot of feminist moments decrying Johnny’s behavior.

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The show is not too cruel to Johnny either, and he is lovable enough to get a lot of laughs and sometimes encounters teachable moments where he learns important lessons. His character was based on Elvis Presley and he is often remembered for his goofy catchphrases like “Whoah mama.” Of course, though, some episodes were better than others.

10 Luke Perry’s Guide to Love/In the Line of Johnny/Fugitive Johnny: Score 7.7

man talking to johnny


In these episodes, Johnny gets dating advice from Luke Perry, gets accusing of stealing cookies, and becomes a bodyguard. For those who do not know, Luke Perry is a real celebrity and is far from the only one to appear in Johnny Bravo as a cartoon character.

It is typically the episodes that have these celebrities that are ranked higher, that and the fact that it’s in the earlier seasons. Most of the highest-rated episodes on IMDb are from season one.

9 Hip Hop Flop/Talk to Me, Baby/Blanky Hanky Panky: Score 7.7

three characters

In this collection of episodes, Johnny falls head-over-heels for a hip hop-loving girl. Naturally, he tries to learn hip hop and change who he is in order to impress her. In another, Johnny goes on a talk show hosted by a supermodel named Vendela.

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In the last part of episode, the plot is a little more buck wild. In the episode, all the wool in the city, including Johnny’s blanky, is stolen by a thief and his pet kitten.

8 Super Duped/Bungled in the Jungle/Bearly Enough Time!: Score 7.7


In this episode from season one, Suzy tells her class that Johnny is a superhero. Seeing that her teacher is beautiful, Johnny decides to go along with the lie to try and impress the woman. In terms of plot, there is a lot of room for humor and the episode does not disappoint. At one point, a kid yells at Johnny to use his heat vision and in response, he looks around and asks which kid to use the heat vision on.

Another part of the episode has Johnny get fired because he won’t stop flirting with the stewardess.

7 Date with an Antelope/Did You See a Bull Run by Here?/Cookie Crisis: Score 7.7

johnny bravo

The awkward situation of a blind date always has room for comedy gold, as long as it doesn’t do so insensitively over how a date may or may not look. Luckily, this episode did a blind date gag quite right. This first season episode had Johnny meet and blind date and find out that she is an antelope named Carol.

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Another part of the episode as Little Suzy stalking Johnny in an attempt to get him to buy her Buttercup Scout Cookies. This part of the episode is basically a parody of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.

6 Johnny Makeover/Back on Shaq: Score 7.8

johnny's mom

A lot of celebrities appear in Johnny Bravo episodes. In these ones, fans get to see cartoon versions of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Don Knotts, and  Shaquille O’Neal interact with Johnny Bravo.

One episode has Knotts, Yankovic, and Blue Falcon try to give Johnny a makeover, and the other as O’Neal take Johnny to his basketball games because he realizes Johnny is good luck.

5 I Used to Be Funny/My Fair Dork/’Twas the Night : Score 7.9

johnny with woman at table

This is episode 11 through 13 of season one and one part has Johnny have to get involved in a battle between clowns who are fighting over who is funnier. The funny part? Johnny hates clowns. With all the horror flicks about clowns, who can blame him?

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The last episode, as its title implies, is a Christmas special. In the episode, Johnny breaks Santa’s arm because he thought Santa was a burglar. To make up for this mistake, Johnny has to be Santa and deliver presents.

4 Blarney Buddies/Over the Hump/Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett: Score 7.9

johnny bravo mid-jump

The episode “Blarney Buddies” actually requires a little bit of Ireland folklore knowledge. According to legend, licking a Blarney Stone gives whoever licks it a gift for charming and flirtation. Johnny mistakes a leprechaun for such a stone and tries to kiss him and causes a ton of trouble.

Farrah Fawcett fans are fans of these episodes as well, as an animated version of her appears in the show and meets Johnny Bravo. There are even a couple of adult jokes thrown in, like when Fawcett is blindfolded and plays pin-the-tail on the donkey.

3 The Man Who Cried ‘Clown!’/Johnny, Real Good/Little Talky Tabitha!: Score 7.9

johnny on couch

Johnny is afraid of one thing: clowns. In the episode “The Man Who Cried ‘Clown!'”, Johnny sees a clown while on an airplane and no one will believe him. In “Johnny Real Good,” Johnny wants to raise money to get a car and tries out babysitting. It turns out the kid is magic and is the product of nightmares.

Lastly, “Little Talky Tabitha!” is about a new doll Suzy gets that can talk. It turns out the doll is sentient and beats up Johnny to make him have a tea party with Suzy.

2 Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West/Under the Big Flop/Johnny Bravo Meets Donny Osmond: Score 7.9

johnny with heart chocolate

For a cartoon character, Johnny Bravo gets to meet a lot of real celebrities. Besides Farrah Fawcett, he also meets Adam West and Donny Osmond in these episodes.

It really showed that the cartoon did not just keep children in mind for its audience, as most kids won’t always know these famous people. For adults though, these episodes are a total hoot.

1 The Sensitive Male/Bravo Dooby Doo: Score 8.3

johnny at theater

The highest-rated Johnny Bravo episode is from the first season. Part of its popularity may be due to the fact that it is a crossover episode between Johnny and the familiar gang of Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, and Velma from Scooby-Doo. It is just an utter joy to see Johnny and the Scooby gang interact with one another.

As for the other part of the episode, Johnny meets a Schoolhouse Rock-type singer who tries to teach him how to properly behave around women.

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