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YouTube is currently experiencing an issue and it seems to be worldwide. What’s more, YouTube Music and YouTube TV are also affected as well.

Update: YouTube has now confirmed the issue has been resolved and that all devices and YouTube services should now be working again as normal. YouTube did not explain what caused the issue.

YouTube currently appears to be down and it is not just the video-sharing side as YouTube Music and YouTube TV also appear to be suffering from the same outage. With YouTube enjoying such a healthy user base, any downtime is likely to affect a significant number of people, content creators, and businesses.

YouTube is far and away one of the most popular destinations when it comes to watching videos online. However, it has expanded over the years to offer streaming of other types of content as well, including music through YouTube Music, and also live TV through YouTube TV. All of which has further helped to expand the reach of the YouTube brand even further, with all three continuously gaining more users each quarter.

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Regardless, there’s not much value in such a reach if users cannot access the service, and that appears to be exactly what is now happening. For reference, YouTube is not literally down as the website can be accessed and will even load the home page as normal. However, attempting to stream any videos will result in an error message. The same appears to be the case when attempting to stream on YouTube Music or YouTube TV. According to Down Detector, the first reports of the issue started surfacing online around 4pm (PST), with similar spikes also noted around the same time for the Music and TV services as well.

Why & When Will YouTube Be Fixed?

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Right now, it remains unclear what is exactly causing so many of the YouTube services to be suffering in the way that they are. As it is a problem common to multiple YouTube websites, it seems unlikely that users will be able to apply any quick fixes themselves to speed up the process and get back to streaming. Furthermore, the issue seems to be affecting all devices, with mobile apps behaving in exactly the same way as the websites. However, the service’s official ‘Team YouTube’ Twitter handle recently Tweeted out a message confirming the problem, explaining that it is not related to any individual user, network, or even region.

With the message continuing to say the team is currently working on a fix, there’s not a lot users can do for now, although YouTube does state it will update its Twitter message when the issue has finally been resolved. On a positive note, as the problem seems to be affecting so many YouTube services at the same time, it would seem likely that when a fix is eventually applied, YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV are all likely to come back online at the same time.

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Source: Team YouTube/Twitter

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