Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Trailer Brings Back Classic Characters

Disney+ has posted a trailer for the new Mickey Mouse cartoon The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, featuring some of Disney’s most beloved characters.

A new animated series called The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse is coming to Disney+ this month. The beloved cartoon mouse has been the face of the Walt Disney Company for generations, but this particular cartoon is a more modern take on the character. The visual style of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse is in keeping with the Mickey Mouse series that aired on the Disney Channel throughout the 2010’s, with a more distinct Mickey design. This design helps the new Mickey stand out and attract the attention of young viewers.

Earlier this week, Disney+ released a trailer for The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse on their official YouTube channel. The trailer highlights all of the different friends that will be joining Mickey on his adventures, including Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto. Viewers can also see snippets of Mickey’s upcoming escapades, which will apparently include a Wild West rodeo and an undersea adventure. The short teaser video also confirms that the series will be available for streaming starting November 18th. You can view the whole trailer below.

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Since its debut, Disney+ has only had a few hit original series to bring in waves of new customers. Considering this, it makes sense for the company to return to its classic characters like Mickey Mouse to encourage a wider audience to start watching. Hopefully Mickey and his friends will make an impact on viewers when The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse debuts next week.

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