Spider-Man: Miles Morales – How To Unlock Suit Mods (& Which Are Best)

Suit Mods are incredibly important to effective progression. Here’s how to get Suit Mods in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and which ones are the best.

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players get to take control of a brand-new superhero who is desperately trying to find his footing in a dangerous world. Miles is in way over his head at the start of the game but works hard to find the inner strength he needs to beat the bad guys and save New York City. Through it all, players work to modify Miles’ equipment to suit the task at hand.

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Suit Mods help players do special things while exploring the world, performing stealth missions, or fighting enemies. Each mod comes complete with a specific function that will augment how Miles interacts with the world. Whether it is a boost to Venom attacks or a simple adjustment to the suit’s look and feel, Suit Mods are incredibly important. Here’s how to get Suit Mods in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and which ones are the best.

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2 How To Unlock Suit Mods in Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Suit Mods unlock the same way that Visor Mods and Suits are typically unlocked. Some of them come with regular gameplay are unlocked without the player having to perform any further action. Others require the player to first unlock the Mod itself, then build it using Activity Tokens and Tech Parts. Collecting Activity Points and Tech Parts isn’t hard, and rarely feels tedious during gameplay. Players will be awarded both when they complete missions. Playing regular story missions will net the player a decent amount of both. Players that want to earn these Tokens and Parts faster will need to participate in Training Missions, Underground Raids, Roxxon Raids, and break up petty crimes around town. Scanning the environment while swinging throughout the city should direct players to where they need to be to find crimes in progress.

1 Which Suit Mods Are The Best In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

There are a handful of Suit Mods that are particularly helpful to new players and seasoned players alike. Miles is significantly underpowered when compared to Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man game. Relying on strength alone isn’t always going to be enough for players to get through most missions safely. It is a good idea to work on staying hidden when possible and cultivating Suit Mods that will aid in both stealth and combat.

The Deep Pockets Mod is very helpful because it increases all gadget ammo by one. Players typically get two to 3 shots with any given gadget. There are only four available gadgets in Spider-Man: Miles Morales compared to the many more that were useable in the first game. Adding shots to these gadgets will help players get further before having to resort to punching their way out of a tight situation.

The Venom Suppression Resistance Mod reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression and allows players to remove Venom Suppression by activating Camouflage. When attacking Roxxon facilities, many of the soldiers will be carrying rocket launchers that fire a suppressive substance that will help Miles in place while preventing him from using his Venom powers for a period of time. This Mod changes the effectiveness of this attack by shortening the length of it. It also gives players an easy out, so long as they have saved up their Camouflage energy during the fight. Camouflaging will immediately allow players to escape as well as counter the suppression.

The Zap Slap Mod creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered. Players have a number of opportunities to destroy the weapons carried by the Underground. For the most part, players will need to shatter these weapons using Venom attacks. There are also ways to get rid of them by using a Web Yank. Pair this mod with the Gunslinger skill to turn any Underground weapon into a massive explosive device when it is yanked out of the hands of an Underground member.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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