Pokémon: Best Mimikyu Fan Art

Many talented artists are showing their love for the misunderstood disguise Pokémon, Mimikyu. Here is some of the best Mimikyu fan art found online.

The popular-yet-misunderstood Ghost and Fairy type Pokémon Mimikyu has crept its way into many fans’ hearts since it debuted a few years ago in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for Nintendo 3DS. Since then, many have recreated the poor-Pikachu imitation in a variety of different media, and some of the most breathtaking fan art has been accumulated here.

This heartbreaking Pokémon is rather mysterious. Also known as the “Disguise Pokémon,” Mimikyu wears a rag over its body designed to look like Pikachu in hopes its costume will help it make friends. Unfortunately, Mimikyu’s Pikachu rag makes the iconic Pokémon look creepy, often scaring off would-be companions. If Mimikyu’s disguise breaks or tears, it is said to relentlessly spend its time trying to patch it up in front of a mirror. This is often difficult for Mimikyu to do, and it is known to cry a lot on the inside as a result.

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A vast amount of Pokémon fans feel sorry for Mimikyu, allowing the smallest of the Ghost types into their hearts with overwhelming acceptance. There is a ton of amazing Mimikyu fan art out there for others to enjoy, and this collection contains a handful that warrant at least a second glance. Here is some of the best Mimikyu art made by some very talented Pokémon fans.

Pokémon: Mimikyu 3D Sculpture

Technology has allowed art to come a long way in the last decade or so, offering more tools and avenues for artists to play around with. Such is the result of this masterpiece – a realistic 3D interpretation of the Ghost and Fairy type Pokémon created with the digital sculpting software, ZBrush. It looks real enough to be a Pokémon plushie one can only hope to buy one day.

Pokémon: Mimikyu Drawing Pikachu

This whimsical piece makes for an adorable depiction of Mimikyu drawing some Pikachu sketches. If Mimikyu was responsible for drawing on its crude rag covering, it certainly seems like its Pikachu art has since improved – but hey! Practice makes perfect. It also shows the black appendages that occasionally come out from beneath its disguise looking less creepy than normally depicted. This happy little Mimikyu seems totally in its element – a fan art of Mimikyu making fan art.

Pokémon: Mimikyu As A Horror Monster

Pokemon Creepy Mimikyu Fan Art


Here is a stark contrast to the previous images – a thing of nightmares. If classic Mimikyu had a hard time making friends, then there is truly no hope for this amazingly well-done abomination. Talented artist 9-1-9 on Deviant Art has turned darling Mimikyu into a haunting creature that looks like it came right out of Silent Hill.

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Mimikyu As Other Pokémon

Ok, back to the cute stuff. This is a fun take on Mimikyu wearing all different kinds of disguises, not just a Pikachu one. It includes two Eeveelutions – Espeon and Umbreon with Umbreon drawn as its shiny Pokémon version. There’s also Cyndaquil, Phanpy, Cubone, Luxray, the recently added Wooloo, and Arcanine. It would be cool if this idea was implemented in the games or anime, allowing for a more diverse take on the peculiar Pokémon.

Pokémon: Mimikyu’s Unsettling Gaze

Mimikyu Pokemon Fan Art

Deviant Art user Vexnir shows Mimikyu with its glaring black eyes peeking out from the disguise, and shadowy protrusions definitely hint at something sinister lurking beneath the oddly adorable exterior. The artist accompanies their piece with a description from the Pokémon Sun Pokédex entry, “It’s actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.” The crosshatching around the disguise perfectly portrays a burlap texture, evoking some scarecrow vibes.

Pokémon: Mimikyu In Real Life

Realistic Mimikyu Pokemon Fan Art

Another very realistic portrayal of Mimikyu comes from artist Cyril Lavanant on ArtStation, who has also done an excellent job of nailing the texture. It almost seems reminiscent of Little Big Planet’s Sackboy, albeit arguably more lifelike. It doesn’t seem quite as cuddly as the first 3D image on this list, but it would still make a stunning real-life plush toy nonetheless. These Pokémon fans really know what they’re doing when it comes to generating some epic Mimikyu fan art.

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