No, Xbox Series X’s Fan Can’t Make Ping Pong Balls Float In the Air

Xbox Series X has had a mostly successful release, but there are many rumors being made, such as the fans making ping pong balls float in the air.

The Xbox Series X‘has finally released to the public and people are already spreading rumors about the console, including one claiming that its fans can float a ping pong ball above the vents. The Xbox Series X has received plenty of positive reviews, but is also under fire, literally. However, a lot of these videos and photos are being proven as fake, with many people arguing over what is real and what isn’t.

On the positive side, Xbox has an astonishing release on the market. The official PlayStation Twitter account and God of War director Cody Barlog congratulated Microsoft on the Xbox Series X/S’s successful release. It is always stressful for fans and the company alike to wait so long for a console’s release, so it is reassuring for fans to hear it mostly went well. Emphasis on mostly, since its release was not perfect. With so many people receiving their Xbox Series X/S at once, Xbox Live had temporarily gone down likely due to too many people signing in at once. There are also people making fake videos and pictures to scare people off from purchasing the console.

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Reddit user SnowFlakesMilkHoney posted a photo of an Xbox Series X using its seemingly giant fans to make an orange ping pong ball float in the air. The image quickly began making the rounds online, as did an edited version of the picture showing a green ping pong ball hovering over an Xbox Series X. However, another user in the same thread, oriic, posted an image claiming to debunk the Xbox Series X’s levitation abilities. The image shows a small bit of bent wire stuck to the top of the console, which allegedly was used to hold the ping pong ball up.

Either way, Microsoft itself doesn’t seem to be too perturbed by the rumors floating around about its new console. In response to a tweet from developer Mike Rose sharing the image, the official Xbox Twitter account simply replied, “MAGIC.” While the idea of the Series X’s fans being strong enough to make a ping pong ball float could be a bad sign for some, it’s certainly not as worrying as likely debunked claims that Xbox consoles are smoking.

An important thing to keep in mind is it would require a powerful fan to generate enough wind to make a ping pong ball float in the air. While the Xbox Series X likely has a fan to keep it cool, it shouldn’t be strong enough to be capable of generating that amount of wind. Given the lack of any corroboration and a pretty solid case for the image being faked, it’s likely nothing to worry about, though. That isn’t to say the Xbox Series X‘s release has been perfect, with fans receiving their consoles much later than intended, but reports of the console’s immense fan strength seem to be exagerrated.

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Source: SnowFlakesMilkHoney, oriic, Xbox

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