Nintendo President Publicly Congratulates Sony On PS5 Launch

President of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser has congratulated Sony on the launch of the PS5 on Twitter, following a similar message to Microsoft.

President of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser has congratulated Sony on the launch of the PS5 on Twitter. The PS5 has launched in select markets around the world today, even though they’re borderline impossible to find online for reasonable prices.

The days of the aggressive console wars are long gone. There was a time when Nintendo, Sega, and Sony would snipe at each other in their advertisements, with as much of a focus on what their competitors couldn’t do as opposed to what their own systems could do. The industry has become a lot more professional in its treatment of the competition, especially in regards to conduct on social media. The big three will even put aside their differences and work together, such as when Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony opposed US President Trump’s tariffs as part of his trade dispute with China.

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The PS5 launched today in North America, and Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser congratulated Sony on Twitter for the launch of the system. This follows a similar message to Microsoft when the Xbox Series X launched two days ago. Bowser rose to his current position in 2019 following the retirement of Reggie Fils-Aime, and he has helped guide the Switch through one of its most profitable years.

There are a lot more kind words shared between gaming companies nowadays, but that doesn’t mean the competition is any less fierce. The Switch is predicted to have record sales this holiday season, in the face of low supply of the next-gen systems, and dwindling interest in the current-gen consoles. The Switch has had a killers row of titles this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it trash the PS5 and Xbox Series X during their first holiday season.

Nintendo’s business model has involved making companion consoles to the more powerful systems. It’s not uncommon for people to own a 3DS or Switch alongside a PS4 or Xbox One, as the unique gimmick of the system, coupled with the first-party library, makes them distinct from the competition. As such, the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X doesn’t spell the death-knell of the Switch, especially not when it’s selling so many units around the globe. If the rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro are true, then Microsoft and Sony could be facing stiff competition from a far weaker system.

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The PS5 is available now in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and South Koreaand it will be available globally on November 19.

Source: Doug Bowser

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