Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo’s Wedding Delayed To 2021

Big Brother stars Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo had to once again postpone their destination wedding, which is now scheduled for spring 2021.

Big Brother stars Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo had to once again postpone their destination wedding, which is now scheduled for spring 2021. If any of the fans were not aware that Nicole was getting married to Victor in 2020, then they were made very aware of this fact during Big Brother 22: All-Stars. For a few different reasons, Nicole’s wedding became the epicenter of many of the dramas that took place in the house. She even went as far as concocting a plan with Daniele Donato Briones that involved uninviting Janelle Pierzina to the wedding during her goodbye message.

On the other hand, Nicole also seemingly invited a few new Big Brother 22 friends to the wedding. For one, she invited Christmas Abbott to attend the ceremony, and Christmas said during a recent Instagram Live that she was absolutely going to attend the event. For all intents and purposes, the original wedding date had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the secret reason why the ceremony was also delayed was that Nicole was expecting to compete on All-Stars during the summer of 2020. But as the season kept getting delayed, the couple decided to just move the destination wedding to December, which was a safe bet.

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Nicole Franzel joked a few times on Big Brother: All-Stars that she wasn’t sure if her upcoming wedding ceremony with Victor Arroyo was still happening in 2020. Part of the joke was that she had left Victor in charge of making all the decisions, but Nicole also actually worried that the COVID-19 pandemic would delay their big day one more time. On her Coco Caliente podcast, Nicole and Victor revealed that they have, indeed, rescheduled the wedding once again. The ceremony, which was supposed to happen on December 9 in Turks and Caicos, has now moved to the spring of 2021. This is happening because the hotel where the wedding ceremony will be held is still not able to reopen amid COVID-19 safety regulations.


Nicole Franzel’s wedding was ironically a big storyline on BB22, prompting her to invite new people (like Christmas Abbott) and uninvite some guests (like Janelle Pierzina) to the ceremony. It is very unfortunate that these Big Brother 18 lovebirds had to postpone their wedding day yet again, but not much can be done outside of waiting for the hosting hotel to reopen. Otherwise, Nicole and Victor are pretty confident that none of their plans or itineraries will have to change as a result. Once again, this just the date that is being changed, nothing else.

It’s good to see Nicole being more active since she left Big Brother 22: All-Stars all teary-eyed. This isn’t great news for the couple as they’ve waited through all of 2020 to get married, but safety always comes first.

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Sources: Coco Caliente podcast

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