Minecraft Dungeons Crossplay Goes Live Next Week

The previously announced crossplay feature for Minecraft Dungeons will release next week, on November 17. Four different platforms are included.

Minecraft Dungeons will receive crossplay for all platforms starting next week. It hasn’t been long since Minecraft Dungeons was originally released in May of 2020. The game, which is developed by Mojang Studios, is a dungeon crawling RPG for Minecraft fans that are all about the action. Though it may have a Minecraft theme and aesthetic, Minecraft Dungeons has a ton of major differences when compared to Minecraft itself. There are quests, different weapons to utilize, and a linear overarching story. It’s also encouraged for players to go through dungeons as a co-op group with up to three other players.

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Since the initial release of Minecraft Dungeons, there have been a couple of DLCs to expand on the game. The first was the Jungle Awakens update, and most recently was the Creeping Winter addition. Each DLC pack added new areas to explore and new bosses to take down, whether solo or in a group. They both cost $6 as separate pieces of content. However, for players that purchased the Hero Edition of the game, both updates could be automatically played. On the other hand, the crossplay update that’s coming up will be free of charge for all players.

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Crossplay will be a feature in Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In a tweet today from the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account, the free update was confirmed to be landing on November 17 for everyone. There was no word on whether or not the update would be making its way to next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. The game will however be available on next-gen consoles, both of which release this week.

The crossplay feature was announced back in October during the Minecraft Live show. During the show, both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons had a bunch of new announcements for upcoming features in the games. Beyond the free crossplay update for November, further content was revealed for Minecraft Dungeons going into December of 2020. Howling Peaks, which is the third DLC expansion for the game, will bring content similar to that of the previous two expansions. While Howling Peaks won’t be free, a free update will be added alongside it that will provide quality of life changes and a bunch of new difficulty settings for veteran players.

It appears the main takeaway from all the updates is that Minecraft Dungeons is doing well, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Mojang is dedicated to connecting the player base, in the same way that Minecraft did. That’s great news for any fans of Minecraft Dungeons or the Minecraft Universe as a whole. Plus, more updates and DLC down the line is a promising prospect.

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Source: Minecraft Dungeons/Twitter

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