Kim Kardashian Continues Posting Tone-Deaf Pics From Island Getaway

Fans are growing more frustrated with KUWTK’s Kim Kardashian as she continues to post group vacation pictures during a global pandemic.

After facing a stampede of backlash for sharing extravagant photos of her lavish 40th birthday trip, Kim Kardashian from Keeping Up With the Kardashians is adding even more private island getaway pics to her feed.

The trip, which reportedly cost an estimated $1 million, was subject to a lot of criticism. Minus Kylie, the Kardashian clan (and some of Kim’s closest friends) were whisked away on a private jet, to a gorgeous island in French Polynesia.

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Weeks after the trip and subsequent backlash, Kim Kardashian has continued to share tone-deaf content from (and about) her extravagant 40th birthday event, via multiple posts. In response, she’s received some interesting comments, such as: “‘Kim there’s people that are dying’ – Kourtney,” “Read the room Kim,” and, “Brilliant observation! This kind of vacation is out of reach for most people COVID-19 or no COVID-19.”  It was October 26 when Kim posted the first birthday getaway photos to her Kim Kardashian Instagram. Captioned, “This is 40!“, Kim is standing in knee-deep and crystal clear Caribbean waters while wearing a neutral-toned string bikini. She sports blonde extensions that hang down to her waist, and her body is fit. Swiping through the +56,500 comments, it becomes clear that the public called her out immediately. Comments such as “this is 40 when you’re rich* and “With money anything is possible” were rolling in constantly. The backlash resurfaced when Kim Kardashian posted photos from a shoot she did during her birthday getaway. See Kim’s post below:

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In the controversial picture, Kim is dressed in a yellow, long-sleeved, high-cut bodysuit, and she poses while standing knee-deep in the water, with a scenic island landscape in the background. She captioned the post, “Meet me here,” and fans (and trolls) wrote back: “I wish but it’s a pandemic and we’re poor,” or “We have to work, Kimberly.” Some of the more heated reactions from her followers referred to the current crisis in Armenia. A follower commented, “Her country is falling apart and she posts pictures of her…. god.” Armenia has been under attack by Azerbaijan for the past six weeks. Kim has been addressing the situation on her social media but people questioned why she posted bathing suit pics at that moment, since many Armenian towns have been turned over to Azerbaijani forces recently, as part of a peace settlement between the two nations.

Kim has publicly addressed the health crisis and was previously involved in hosting a Zoom session with Dr. Fauci, which included other celebrities and influencers. The public response comes from the plethora of photos of luxurious living on a beautiful island, while many have been sheltered in place for months. Some are dealing with unemployment and cannot even fathom going on vacation.

Maybe Kim really doesn’t care about public opinion?  The first year anniversary of the COVID-outbreak is looming, and changing with the times has become the status quo, but Kim seems to be oblivious while posting vacation shots. The question is not, “Were they able to do that? because fans do know that Kardashians and their connections take health and safety seriously. What people are wondering is why Kim is still posting this stuff for her 191 million Instagram followers. The bottom line is that there really is a time and place for everything, including KUWTK-style bikini pictures.

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Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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